Monday, April 5, 2010

"Keepin' it real."

This is very brave of me to reveal my innermost ugly to you.
PW used to occasionally have a post that she called "keepin' it real."
This morning, after throwing my pajamas into the heap, just before departing for work, I ran to get my camera to snap this. (See, Chelsea is already in her kennel.)
this is after I did laundry all weekend!
I am a laundry fool. I cannot stand dirty, smelly clothing. Nor can I stand dirty blankets,sheet, towels or rugs. Doug says that if there isn't anything to launder, that I "wash air." Little does he know, there is always something to launder. I wasn't too fond of his laundry skills, but when I came home and my linen suit was in the dryer, (which I rescued just in the nick of time), let's just say he is forbidden to "help" with laundry. My rule is that as long as he puts it in the general direction of the washer, I will wash it. Trouble is, he doesn't always do that. Ever so often, I have to raid his closet and gather up the jeans, sweatshirts, bike shorts, socks...all of the stuff that is starting to make our room smell like a hamster cage (and we don't have a hamster). A strange phenomenon is that whenever I wash "lights" and "darks," it seems that almost all of the "lights" are mine and all of the "darks" are Doug's with very little deviation. And, I hang dry a lot of my clothing while almost all of his belongings are shoved into the dryer. The dress on the drying rack is what I wore to the wedding in Hawaii. It has to be washed alone and it has been there ever since we got back. I plan to wear it to my son's college graduation which is almost exactly a month away- so I'd better get at it. Gotta go- duty calls!
**running to the dryer at the sound of the (annoying) buzzer**


Lisa said...

Hah - thank you for sharing! Honestly, mine looks like that most of the time as well. With a husband (who is also forbidden to touch the laundry) and two kids, the piles never stop.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hee hee....we all have a nightmare like this lurking somewhere!
You...are very, very brave indeed!

Pam said...

Funny! There's always laundry to do and I'm off to start mine! That buzzer gets a little irritating sometimes though!

Kelly said...

haha, I'm the opposite! I hate doing laundry :) It's right up there w/doing the dishes. Blech :)

Mary Jo said...

My husband is also forbidden to do the laundry. ("We didn't have enough for two loads, so I put everything together.")
And to mow anything but flat, unplanted stretches of the yard. ("You wanted those bushes trimmed so I just mowed them over.")
And to cook ("Can I substitute corn syrup for corn oil?")
But the dishes and trash are all his!

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