Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's play in the snow!

Tonight I'm joining in with Shannan over at Flower Patch Farmgirl.  I'm certain she is getting snow at this hour.  I know we are.  I just drove home after being in town after work with a friend and the further out I drove, the worse it got.  But I arrived alive.  I'm sitting in the kitchen at the table.  Milo the wonder cat is to my right, that's right, on the kitchen table.  The dishwasher is running and Doug is in the living room watching Indiana University and Minnesota play basketball on t.v.  Life could be worse, people. 
Here we go: 
current guilty pleasure: sleeping in on the weekend.
current nail color: Nail Magic nail hardener (sans color)
current playlist: Anything Adele
current read: The Berlitz Self-Teacher French, Stuff Parisians Like, The Sweet Life in Paris, The Starter Wife, and Full Dark, No Stars.  (Yes, simultaneously, all at once!- Life is too short!  The Starter Wife is on my bedside table, The Sweet Life in Paris is in my car, The Berlitz Self-Teacher French, Stuff Parisians Like and Full Dark, No Stars is in on the table near the fireplace.)
current drink: Bigalowe Constant Comment.  I call it "constant comfort."
current food: Just had Friday's shrimp and fries
current favorite show: IU Basketball
current wish list: getting our bedroom painted!
current triumph:  Being published in New Castle's her magazine and interviewed and featured on little Indiana in the same week!
current bane of my existence:  Frustrations
current celebrity crush: Always.  Richard Jenkins.  You know, the dad from Six Feet Under?  There is something about his voice, those eyes, I don't know, he looks a little like James Taylor. 
Recent  indulgence: I currently own more than one (several) pairs of tennis shoes at once!  How did that happen?
current blessing: Support and love from friends.
current outfit: Olive green cargo pants with lavender v-neck t, white socks and my red crocs (I wear crocs for house shoes.)
current excitement: A pending trip to PARIS
current mood:  grateful
current link: I love Paris in the Springtime!  Our friend, Tom Roznowski just sang this to me from the stage this past Sunday night when he preformed at Player's Pub.
Now if I could get Richard Jenkins to meet me in Paris...
(let us know if you play along and link us to your post)


From the Kitchen said...

Snowing up "north" too.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Lotsa lotsa snow here. Probably no school tomorrow, and here's the lame part: If they cancel school tomorrow then they have to go Monday on MLK day. LAME.

Love your list. Gay Paree! Woot.

Kris said...

I loved this Cheryl. I am so excited for you to go to Paris with your girls!!! And snow....wee..finally!! I love Constant Comment Orange Spice.
I love my Crocs...and have them at every door to step into when I go outside!
Hugs and kisses.

Holly said...

That's a lot of love! We have so much to be grateful for, don't we? Paris....I just can't even imagine how excited you must be!

Rae said...

I really enjoyed your list. I can relate to many of them. Condolences on the IU loss. I watched the tragedy unfold last night too.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

This is a good time for you my friend. You're in a good karma...may it last forever!

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