Monday, January 9, 2012

Hilltop Restaurant

On Saturday, Doug and I went to Spencer, IN in Owen County to the Hilltop Restaurant.  It is located near McCormicks Creek State Park. (Note:  not the official DNR website.)  The restaurant sits on the top of a hill.
Doug, ready to strap on the feed bag

When we went in, we saw that it was still decorated for the holidays.  We were escorted to a table by the window.  Tables for two were along the sides with larger tables in the center.  Another couple was seated at a table behind me and it was too tight for everyone to sit.  The solution was to angle the table behind us. 


 As you can see by the menu, each meal includes house salad (which consists of lettuce with "sweet vinaigrette," which is made of vinegar, water and sugar), tomato juice, pickled beets, carrots, celery sticks & ranch dip, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, fresh baked rolls with orange marmalade.
"just like eating at Grandma's"

I feel that we live in the land of apple butter.  Apple butter is something this area of the state is known for.  Seemed they were missing out by offering packaged apple butter.
packaged apple butter
Pickled beets were tasty.  Anything you want more of, you just ask.  You choose your meat and all of the rest of the meal is standard.  (Dessert and drinks are extra.)
Salad was disappointing.  It tasted fine but it was basically "bag" salad.  We were encouraged by our waitress to try sprinkling garlic salt on it.  Neither of us did so.
salad & roll
Rolls and marmalade were very good.  Our waitress emphasized "rolls, fresh out of the oven."  The rolls were hot and fresh.
All of the photos in this post were shot without a flash.  Something kind of romantic- photos of food in natural light.  (Is it just me?  Or do you agree?)
orange marmalade
Doug ordered fried chicken which he felt was a bit disappointing and greasy.  I ordered pork chops.  The meat was tender and tasty.  I was very pleased with the pork chops.  Doug thought the gravy looked like pudding but it was very good.

For dessert I ordered the persimmon cake or pudding.  This was disappointing.  In the past when I've had persimmon, part of what was wonderful was that it was moist.  This was not moist.  It was a little dry and chewy.  I didn't eat it all.  (We felt our waitress was a bit absent-minded, but when it came to desserts, she rattled off a long list.)
Doug ordered the blackberry cobbler and he said he has had better, but he did eat it all.  Seemed to me he enjoyed it.  (He may have said "I've had better," in an effort to comfort me because I had just told him I wasn't thrilled with my dessert.  It seems that whenever we eat out his food is better or his portion is larger.  Sometimes he notices before I do.)
blackberry cobbler
The Hilltop originally opened on July 4, 1948.  Other than a facebook page, I was unable to locate an official page online.  When it comes to restaurants, I am picky.  If I have a negative restaurant experience, I don't usually go back.  There are too many restaurants and life is short.  Overall, this was a positive experience and we both agreed we would return.  They feature fish on Friday night.  I would like to try that.  As we were leaving I captured this parting shot of the sign.  If you are in the area, I would recommend trying the Hilltop Restaurant.


Kris said...

Looks like a fun place to go for homestyle cooking! What's new? What's Up? Where you been? Just wondering!!
XO Kris

Holly said...

I love home cooking and the Hilltop looks so pretty and romantic. Packaged apple butter? What is this world coming to?

tainted with a positive view said...

Thanks again for the "Indiana memories." I love persimmon pudding and cookies, however, it has been YEARS since I have actually had any. I probably would have enjoyed it even if it was dry.

Brian Miller said...

mmm...sounds like a good blend of food for me...outside of the tight sitting because after eating all that it might get tighter...smiles...

Karen Whittal said...

Really looks like somewhere to visit when I get to America

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