Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Featured on little Indiana!

Can you stand a little shameless self-promotion?  Isn't that what blogging is all about?  Do you see anything new on my blog?  A featured blogger button from little Indiana!  And I'm so proud I could just bust my buttons!  I don't know who stumbled upon whom first, me or Jessica, but she emailed asking if I would be willing to be featured on her blog.  Would I?  What an honor!  Jessica Nunemaker is the hostess with the mostess of little Indiana.  In her words:  your guide to the best of Indiana small towns.  I've never met Jessica, but I would love to because there are a lot of crazy photos of her online, evidently she truly enjoys life and must be an enjoyable person to be around.  I envision recognizing her sometime, say at the state fair and hollering "Jessica!"  She would turn to me, giving me that "who are you crazy lady" look and I would say "Whosyergurl!" 

Jessica followed up with another email with interview questions.  Wow, that was tough and I'm grateful for her probing questions because it caused me to take a long hard look at my blog.  I basically went all the way back to the beginning and combed through my blog, post by post. 

I think if most people are honest, they are usually madly in love with the state that they hail from.  I had a hilarious conversation (I thought it was hilarious) over the holidays with someone who told me IF she were to get a tattoo, she might get a tattoo of the outline of her home state.  (Not Indiana.)  I laughed and told her that would be the most boring tattoo ever and I think I made her about half-mad.  She said "it wouldn't be boring because I have a lot of pride in my state!"  I have to say I understand.  Don't we all have a lot of pride in our state?

I know whenever we are out of state and cross over the state line, no matter who is in the car, we always break out in song singing Back Home Again in Indiana.

To read all about what Jessica had to say about Whosyergurl, click here.  She tuned in on the post at the beginning of the year, the day that I waded into Monroe Reservoir.  Doug and I went to the Y tonight and afterward, to the grocery.  We were walking to the car, me wearing shorts in thirty-six degree weather and I said "I think I'm just going to wear shorts all winter- it will make me tough."  Thus far we are having an unseasonably mild winter.  Remind me of this proclamation when it is really cold and snowy.  O.k., go see Jessica at little Indiana.  Even if you aren't from Indiana, you'll enjoy it.  If you are from Indiana, you will really enjoy it!


Kris said...

Wow! You are my famous friend! Heading over to read now. But first I have to tell you....I have a tattoo. Bet you never would have guessed that!!! It is not visible to anyone but me.....and it is very small. I am SO not the tattoo type. Who knew??
Hugs...to my very busy...long day Hoosier GAL!!

Kris said...

I'm back. Read the post. Loved it! I especially loved the difference between English majors and Journalists!!!

Holly said...

Well check you out! Be sure to remember me now that you're a big time bloggy girl! Proud of you! I like your super power, you go girl!!

From the Kitchen said...

Can't wait to read about you--and about Indiana. Congratulations!!


Karen said...

How very cool! And I have to say... I would never get a tattoo of NY. And, I'm not in love with my home state, although it has some cool features :-) But I hope I never have to move back.

Going to check your feature now! Congrats!

kpaints said...

Congrats on the feature...that's so fun! I am headed off to read it now.

Rae said...

Congratulations. I popped over to Jessica's blog and "liked" it on facebook. What an honor for you to be featured there. Although my official address is in Illinois, I am literally one foot out my back door into Indiana. I am a Hoosier at heart. It is a great state to hail from and I get goosebumps every time I hear Jim Nabors sing that famous song at the Indy 500.

farmlady said...

Congratulations! It's OK to blow your horn once in a while.
I never thought of a California outline for a tattoo but it's an idea. I love my state (not the politics and all the liberals)and I have been thinking of getting a small tat somewhere on my body. The Prospector is always trying to talk me into it. Will see.
Anyway... be proud of you state and brag anytime you want.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Sa-weeeeeeeeeeeeeetness! Nice job, Mama!

Indianana - represent!

tainted with a positive view said...

We would sing Back Home Again... EVERY time we hit the state line - didn't matter what time of day, or night, it was, we sang that song! My dad was always the the one leading it. I want them to sing it at my funeral - not anytime soon, of course. And you are so right - I am extremely proud of my Indiana heritage.

Donna said...

Bravo Cheryl!
And as of Monday, you'll have yet another publishing credit in the winter issue of her, magazine for women.
(I'm never above shameless self-promotion!)

Privet and Holly said...

We used to live in Indiana,
so know I'll enjoy it!

xx Suzanne

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Ok . . . I think I'm reading about a big celebrity now in Indiana. You go girl! Read your previous posting about wearing shorts in 38 degree weather . . you are killing me, I can barely wear shorts when it's 68 degrees outside. Happy for you kiddo, Sandy:O)

msdebbiea said...

. . . yet another reason I just love you! GO YOU!!!!!!!

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