Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keepin' it real

Just so you don't think my life is all sunshine and roses all the time, I am going to tell you what happened at our house yesterday.
A real life not made for t.v. story.
Yesterday, when we got up, it was pouring rain.  I don't know if we had a lot of accumulation or not, but when we got up, it was POURING.  Our road runs along side Clear Creek.  When I say Clear Creek, people around these parts don't picture a raging, ravaging ,nearly river size situation, but I've seen it and have lived to tell the tale.  We have canoed Clear Creek on more than one occasion when it was probably too dangerous for us to be out in our canoe in it, but there we were. 
I've seen Clear Creek completely up and over our road to the point that they posted emergency personnel and told us not to drive down our road.  (It was only about up to the bottom of my car and I did anyway, there isn't anywhere for me to go even if I did get washed over the side of the road.  It isn't like I was going to fall to my death over a cliff and the way that the emergency personnel man wanted me to go MILES out of my way.)  Anyways, I tell you all of this to tell you, I have seen Clear Creek clear out of its banks.  And despite the fact that our house is up on a hill and we've been hit by lightening before, we've also had water come into the house to the point of running down the entry way hall.  I'm serious.  Now since most of this has happened, they have done a lot of drainage work on our road and it hasn't flooded as bad as it did in the past for some time.  And we haven't had the water come in to the house for some time.  But, it could happen.  So  yesterday morning, it was pouring down rain and Doug told me that he saw a couple of wet spots on our ceramic tile.  Just before leaving for work, I went in to the bedroom and gathered up my two stacks of stuff sitting in the floor by the bed and I put them on the bed just for safe keeping.
(If you don't have any stacks of stuff beside your bed, just stop reading, now.  I don't even want you to read my blog.) 
You know, the stacks of stuff that you usually go through and throw away most of but you have to keep it around just in case.
Well, now.  I love my animals, but I don't love my animals in my bed or in my bedroom for that matter.  Sorry, never have and never will.  So consequently, because we try to keep them out of the bedroom, they are forever trying to get n.  What is the attraction? Somehow, when I was about to leave for work, Milo slipped into the bedroom. 
Milo who loves to cuddle to my laptop for warmth.
 Or lay on a freshly folded load of towels for warmth.
 The very same adorable, lovable Milo slipped into the bedroom where he spent the entire day while we were at work. 
As soon as I came in last night, Doug met me at the door and said
"I have to tell you something." 
And I said "something happened to one of the chickens."
And he said "no, it's Milo."
Well, Milo is thirteen years old and even though he is a beautiful boy, he has his good days and bad days.
I said "something happened to Milo?"
And Doug said
"No.  He got shut in the bedroom all day and he pooped on the bed."
On. The. Bed.
Doug continued "And he tried to use your papers to cover it up."
At this point I think to myself how it would have been better if my papers just got wet.
Then I ask Doug what got ruined.
He said "your paint samples."
As you can see, the room is blue and white.  Doug painted this room blue and white- two walls blue, two walls white.  His closet is blue, my closet is white.  This is the next to the last room that we have to paint and fix up.  We are getting new carpet. (The only room in the house to have carpet.)  We are painting and getting a new light fixture.
I decided to paint the room "chalky grey."  I had it in my mind that it would look nice with white trim and that I could change out the duvet cover.  Do you know how difficult it is to find the perfect shade of grey?  I don't want lavender tint or blue tint or greenish tint.  I want chalky grey.  The girl at Lowe's said "we can mix black and white."  I had an envelope overflowing with paint samples of various shades of grey from Lowe's and Menard's.  That is what Milo used to cover his poo. 
I am going to take this as a sign of God that it is time to start all over.  I don't even know if I want to do the chalky grey.  I'm open for suggestions.


Kris said...

I am CRACKING up!!! First, at the "I don't want you reading my blog if you don't have piles next to your bed!!!"
Then, I have to say, after that intro, I thought for sure there was going to be a flood! Not a poo on the bed!!! Love your duvet cover. I would abandon the gray and go for something in a neutral tone. Parchment, toast, get my drift. Milo....FOR SHAME!!!
Oh...almost forgot....about the cakes by name is Kristin, and I used to do cakes. That is until a "friend" made it very unpleasant and difficult to enjoy that hobby.

Holly said...

Cats are awesome like that! Well, a cats gotta poop. How sweet of him to try to cover it up for you. So sorry for the mess and I'm worried about your water issues. Is it still raining? Have you seen this website? If not, go there immeditaly! Look to the right and click on the grays. Hope this helps. Stay dry!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh my.....did you know that my corgis crates are in my bedroom? And both the cats sleep with me?

Poor Milo.....he prolly held it as long as he could!

My bedroom is green. But I am about to paid the extra bedroom in a khaki color. Then I will used denim blue, black and white in it.

You will come back from Paris with all sorts of ideas!!

Patty said...

Sounds like my house with a foster dog. There's usually a hidden surprise the first time we leave them out of the crate.

I think you should paint your bedroom Benjamin Moore's Ashley Gray. Home Depot and Lowe's can color match it with their Behr paint. We have that in our bedroom. It's nice and calming!

Miss Janice said...

Poor knows cats don't normally do that. Prob held it for as long as he could.

Karen said...

LOLOL!!!!!!!!! (oh, sorry)... but HA HA HA HAHAAAAAAAAAA... that is just so funny!.. and not. Poor Milo, he had to go!! atleast he tried to cover it up. I'm not hugely fond of grey, never found it comforting or warm. How about neutrals... and spice that up with a little red in the accents... or purples and rusts. Just in pillows, etc...

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh lord....this post of yours was such a hoot today! Ahhh, the power of poo........

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Funny . . . not so funny about Milo . . . poor Milo. Paint color is so confusing, but what a difference it makes. Hope you find the just the right color for your bedroom. I've done a lot of mustard and tan in the past and have loved it, that's if you are into Fall colors.

Donna said...

Milo! Bet that boy knew he was in deep doo-doo from the poo-poo! Wonder if he'll want back in your room any time soon?
Isn't your duvet pretty new? I'm thinking so. Is that an aqua bird on the limbs? I must say I do like the idea of gray. How about Eiffel Tower Steel Gray? I know: Take some gray chips and hold them against the real thing and match it up.
I agree with Kris. Thought sure we were going to have a flood; not a poo!

Lisa said...

I am really sorry, but I can't stop giggling. I know it is horrible, but OH MY GOODNESS!! (And yup, I have at least 5 STACKS of books by my bed right now. S'all good. And a dog. Who also likes to pee places in the house.)

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