Monday, March 29, 2010

Who cares what you wear?

Tonight I put the first coat of paint over the primer on the cabinets
while Doug shot some photos for me.
I thought I would share the latest in painting wear here in Indiana. t-shirt and shorts, already stained with paintgarden crocs and old smiley face socks
catch those luxurious locks up in a bandanna I like this small tray and roller, especially for the cabinets
When I went in to Lowe's, I told the salesman what I wanted to do and basically bought what he told me to buy. I bought the oil based primer which he mixed my paint color (Churchill Hotel Ivory) into and then bought the paint he told me to buy. Because we live near the woods, from time to time we have moisture issues. The paint has a lifetime warranty and is Ultra Premium by Valspar Interior Kitchen and Bath enamel, mildew proof. I think this is some of the best paint I've ever used (no endorsement from Lowe's for saying this). It goes on smooth and even. The salesman advised me to buy a small sponge roller and it works great on the cabinets. I also prefer the wedge cut sponge daubers for edges and corners.
getting there
I had some peculiar thoughts as I painted tonight. I have a desk job at the university and my mind can't wander. I can't be thinking about other things while I'm working on a spreadsheet. I need to get the names of chancellors and deans and trustees correctly and must record the correct amounts of payments in the correct columns. Painting is something you can do, and do correctly, while letting one's mind wander. I was thinking about how when I was ten years old, the first year I went to established camp in Girl Scouts that my mother made a fine bedside table for me to take with me. She took an old crate, put in a shelf, painted it white and added a blue towel to the front for a curtain and voila! I had one of the best bedside tables of anyone at camp. Wasn't that nice of her? And I also thought about my paternal Grandma, of how my kitchen is beginning to remind me of hers. I suppose I've always fashioned my home after her home. Her home was welcoming and comfortable. I felt safe and loved when I was there. And if I recall correctly, I believe at one point, her kitchen cabinets were cream with celery green walls. I'm quite certain she is looking down on me and smiling.
I also thought about my friend Jeanna and I. She told me she would come over and help me paint, just because she enjoys painting. I thought about how much fun we would have if we started a part-time painting business and was even thinking up names for said business...Two gals with brushes, Have brush will paint, Two old broads with lots of I said, my mind was wandering. I will finish the second coat of paint tomorrow night. Took me about three and a half hours tonight, but I believe it will go faster tomorrow evening. Then to finish the doors and put them back on. We are going to soak and clean the old hinges and then spray paint to coordinate with the new knobs.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh girl - you worked so hard - I don't think I would be able to do all that physically.

You looked cute!

And on top of all that - it is going to look awesome.


Laurie said...

Wow! You've made a lot of progress! Great job :)

BTW, here's the link to my photography blog. I know you said you were interested!

Together We Save said...

Looks like you are making great progress!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

The cabinets are looking good.

Shoot - - - that's the kind of stuff I wear around the house all the time, painting or no!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Cheryl, you are such a hoot.
Am so glad that we our bloggie paths crossed. Your kitchen, as well as your attire, are looking good, ba-by! The colors will be lovely together. Valspar is the best paint ever! They sell it in our tiny town at the hardware store. We try to stay in town to shop to help keep the locals in biz. We pay a tad more, but save in gas, so it all evens out.
Besides, the resident hardware store cat comes and rubs your legs as you wait in the check out line, that is, when....she's not sleeping in the Fiesta bowls!!!

rachel awes said...

painting in style for sure!
it is so much work & it's a blast that you're having fun with it!

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