Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here we go again

Do you remember last August or September when we started working on our kitchen? I primed and painted the ceiling and bulkhead. In the process, I got more paint on my body than on the ceiling and bulkhead. We were supposed to be hosting Doug's family for Thanksgiving, or so we thought. We were using the holiday as our motivator. One day I was talking to Doug's sister on the phone and she told me that we were not hosting. Basically, our kitchen re-do came to a screaming halt. And then we hosted my family! When it was still warm, Doug said we would get to the painting when it cooled off and we weren't outdoors every opportunity we could get. Then, when it cooled off, he said we couldn't paint because of using oil based primer and paint. You get the picture.
Since it has started to warm up, he has announced that we would get back at the kitchen re-do. So he started taking all of the cabinet fronts off of the cabinets and all of the drawer fronts off of the drawers. It makes it much easier to see where things are, but here are a few photos of how the kitchen looks currently.
(we have to put our bread in the cabinet so the cats don't get into it)
outlet covers have been gone since last August or September when I took them off and ripped off all of the ugly wallpaper.
switch plate covers have been gone as well
once I took them off, I wasn't putting them back on!

I will keep you posted as to how it goes. The cabinets are cheap, the kitchen (entire house) is dark and I am going to paint the cabinets cream color and have celery green walls. Should lighten up the kitchen a lot.
I want to rip out the wall between the kitchen and dining room, but haven't been able to convince Doug of that, yet. He is afraid the ceiling will fall in. The dining room has a sliding glass door and it would really lighten up the kitchen. All you women send me some convincing karma, okay?We will see where I get with that idea.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Cheer up, hon - - - once upon a time in our earlier marriage days, hubs and I started on a simple 'redo' of our bathroom and family room ceiling - - - - 5 years later we finished it.

By my calculations you have about 4 and a half years to go to catch OUR record.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

He hee...what an attractive kitchen you have Cheryl...gee, thanks for sharing! (snort!)
Love your dishes though, especially the blue thinking those most likely came from Brown County shoppes!
We're facing the same nightmare...I'm looking at different houses instead of facing it, ha!

ClassyChassy said...

we've been working on our kitchen for several weeks now, and face the same as you are facing at this point in time....except, that almost all our cabinet doors are complete, they just have to go on when I finish painting the cupboards...and the walls...and we get counter topping....and a few other things! Delightful, isn't it?

Whosyergurl said...

@ Susan...the spatterware is from an Ohio company...HENN. I don't know if they are still around or not...used to be one of those home party companies.
You get a new house? LUCKY!
xo, me.

Chatty Crone said...

I think that coloring the cabinets lighter will be great. That is kind of the style now.

Just make sure you know if it is a load bearing wall or not.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

no new house. Am in denial, and am searching all the realtor websites, just for sh-ts and giggles! Living in lala land....that's me!
Carry kitchen warriors.

Kelly said...

How exciting to have a new kitchen soon (think positively ;) )! I'm sure it will be gorgeous :)


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