Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm walking for RELAY FOR LIFE in June. I am on a team with my colleagues at IUAA. I will periodically post this as a reminder.

If you would like to donate just to support the American Cancer Society, that is fine. If you want to donate in memory of someone, that is lovely. If you donate in memory of someone, I will have their name on my back as I walk. The entire relay is eighteen hours. We walk June 12-13. My personal goal is to walk the entire time. I don't know if I will be able to or not.
When Doug and I climbed Long's Peak a few years ago, that was a nineteen hour hike. Up a mountain. And back down. If I can do that, surely I can walk on flat land. We shall see. I am a few years older and ("ahem") a few pounds heavier. I feel I have plenty of time to get ready. My goal is to start timing myself and adding time to my walks on the weekends. I already know that five miles on Clear Creek Trail is around two to two and a half hours. That is a good starting point. Then multiply that by eight to nine times. Piece of cake. I know that nothing I will do in trying to prepare for this relay and by doing this relay can compare to what a person goes through in their own personal battle with cancer. My attitude concerning cancer is not "if" I get it, but when. We all have been affected by it. Once you are over the age of fifty, you have a fifty percent chance of getting it. That sucks.
Medical research has helped so much already. In times past, if you got cancer, it was a death sentence. Not always, now. Often times, with early detection, one has a fighting chance. And people are able to go on living their life.
To donate: www.main.acsevents.org/goto/cheryl.bennett


^..^Corgidogmama said...

....and, the older you become, the higher your risk is to get it.
Great and worthy post. I'll donate 10.00 towards your walk.
You and Dug have experienced so many things together, you're not the average couple at all, are you?
I'm thinking that you two were meant to be...you're as close to being soulmates as can be!

Nicole said...

Wow! You're planning on walking the whole time? Great for you. I'll be there (go team!), but I probably couldn't handle walking the whole time. But let's push each other!

Miss Janice said...

Wow! I am impressed girl! Good for you for trying to walk the whole time. My friend of 26 years was just diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer, so I believe I need to do this for her. I do a lot of 5k's but never this length of time. I agree with you...walking 18 hours is nothing compared to what cancer patients endure!

Lisa said...

Good for you - what a wonderful experience and such a wonderful cause.

I am terrified in cancer in the ways that thinking of it could be debilitating, so the realization of the risks stay softly beneath the surface of my mundane awareness. To acknowledge this, and MOVE to celebrate awareness, is truly commendable.

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