Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Volcano National Park 2/16/10

The morning after the wedding, several of us met at the cabin of the bride and groom for a day of sight-seeing. First, we toured Volcano National Park.
the Mr. & Mrs.

The vog was heavy on the day we were in the park. Some of the rangers wore personal breathing apparatuses. Vog, similar to fog other than the fact that it is smoke and not mist. In other words, a volcano belch.
Rain forest. Lush, warm, damp. "Lava tube." Similar to a cave, but made of lava.
roots coming through the ceiling

I love caves and while this wasn't a cave, it was similar and fun to explore. Most of it was wide and visibility was clear. We did venture off down a side tunnel and had to use a flashlight. Similar to a cave, it was cooler underground and wet.
lava field in the park.
You could hike across. We did not.
beauty from ashes
delicate flowers, similar to baby's breath
this looked like snap-dragons
morning glory

I was fascinated with the vegetation that somehow was able to grow from the rock. Small ferns and flowers were everywhere. I lagged behind our group, snapping photos. While in Volcano National Park, I wore an IUAA t-shirt and we met two couples on the trail who asked us if we were from Bloomington, IN and then Doug recognized one of the men. It was crazy. Going from Indiana to Hawaii and running into people who live in our same town! And then I ran into them in a restaurant last week and stopped and said "you are the people we ran into in Hawaii!" She said "we have told that story so many times."
this is where lava flowed over highway 130,
causing it to be closed for some time.
I said this was the wedding couple because she has a ring.

the bride
back to her old self the day after the wedding
she is a crazy girl and we love her
I thought I was hilarious to pose with this sign.

This wasn't the end of the day, but this is the end of this post. To answer a few questions from comments I've received- this isn't my family, but Doug's family, of which I am not an official member. The wedding photographer said "oh, you are the fiance'." I guess he had been told "Tyler's dad and his fiance." And before you ask the next question, ("when are you getting married?") don't. Who knows if/when. And yes, Doug's family is rather unconventional and rather adventuresome. And yes, the wedding was the reason that we went to Hawaii. Neither of us had ever been and we kept saying "thank you, Tyler, for making us come to Hawaii." Now, all we want to do is go back!


Pam said...

Oh, this looks like fun and the wedding sounds fantastic! I love Hawaii and would return with a moments notice. Thanks for visiting my blog as I am glad to see yours and I will be following to see what all you have to say! Thanks!

ClassyChassy said...

I loved seeing the pictures - and so surprised at things actually growing from the volcanic ash! Thanks for sharing!

Al said...

Great pictures! I'm a geologist and have yet to make it out to Hawaii and Volcano NP, so I always get a little jealous when I get to see someone else's pics. Thanks for sharing. :)

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