Saturday, March 13, 2010

A cruise and some booze

Valentine's Day in Hawai'i dawned bright and sunny. We were off to a whale watch cruise with Captain Dan. A whale watch cruise (3 hours) is costly in my opinion, but first, Captain Dan was supposed to be the best and secondly, it was our first opportunity and we seized it! The Lady Ann
Headin' out with Cap'n Dan
"Thar she blows!"
see the whale?
Porpoise at the entrance to the bay
lookin' back at the Big Island
No sea-sickness for us!

After the whale watch cruise, we had a few hours to ourselves, so we went to the beach. Because we were going to a luau later, and I didn't want to have "ocean hair," (nappy curls) I sat on the beach and watched. Then we got cleaned up and went to the Mariott at Waikoloa to attend a luau. It was a lot of fun. For $80., it was all you could eat and drink. They had bartenders just haulin' out the drinks. Most people got two at a time because there was a line. (Several hundred people were at the luau.) We drank, we ate and we watched two show. One show was lovely - Hawai'ian dancing and music. The second show was the one that Mother Nature put on for us - a gorgeous sunset. Once again, I don't know that we have ever spent $160. for dinner, but it was one of those "while in Hawai'i, do as the Hawi'ians do" sort of situations.
Sunset at the luau at Waikoloa
Doug's plate. Trying to get his $80. worth!

They cooked the pork in a hole in the ground and it was some of the most delicious pork I've ever had. And no, I didn't eat the poi.
I'd been warned about it before I left the mainland.
Hawai'ian sentry

It rained just a bit but that didn't dampen our spirits.
It was a lovely Hawai'ian Valentine's Day.


Chatty Crone said...

It really looks like you had a nice Valentine's day in Hawaii. Glad you went ahead and saw the whales and the Luau. You will remember it always.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a fabulous way to spend a February day! Once in a lifetime's good that you "went for it" and totally enjoyed it by the looks of those photos. You only go around once...use it up, and go for the gusto!

msdebbiea said...

Love it! :)

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