Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My fur kids

Two "people" in my life that I love soooo much are my fur kids, Chelsea and Milo. Milo is my male orange marmalade kitters that I've now had for eleven years. He is getting old and there are days that he seems old, but other days he still enjoys playing the "mole game." Whenever I put clean sheets on the bed, Milo is quick to jump up on the bed and attack the sheets. I then put my hand under the blanket and move it around and Milo attacks it.
Chelsea is my female Welsh Pembroke Corgi. I cannot believe that she will be two years old on June 31. She is so sweet. She is finally calming down a bit. Just a bit. This past Saturday she and I walked seven miles on our rails to trails. Then as soon as we came in the house, she started tearing around like a crazy person. Doug turned to me and said "maybe you need to take her back out." I took these photos last Sunday afternoon. Chelsea was holding down one end of the sofa
and Milo held down the other end.
Chelsea gets shy when I start taking pics of her.

Oh, she is so handsome! Don't you think?
Milo doesn't get too concerned about being photographed.

They are always happy to see me- greet me every morning when I come out of the bedroom. They never hog the remote. They never flip channels during commercials. They never say "are you going to wear that?" They never take a huge bite out of every piece of pizza or my sandwich. (Although Milo did leave teeth marks in my sandwich the other day. I ate it anyway and didn't die.) They don't pout or get mad. They just love me. Unconditionally. And I love them right back.


Kelly said...

Aww I thought the first photo was a puppy picture of Chelsea! She is so small/young looking :)

Chatty Crone said...

Your two favorite people are cute. Who watched them on your trip?


ClassyChassy said...

Sweet photos! And Chelsea - so pretty!

Laurie said...

So cute!!! Chelsea could be a furrier version of my Sadie :)

Al said...

That last paragraph say it all. :)

Milo could be my Hobbes's smaller and slightly older brother. Great looking "kitters." (Love that word.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

So fun to find you today!!! Well, to be truthful, YOU FOUND ME and I'm just replying. (e-mail on its way)

But, I like what I see here and I GET YOUR punny blog title!!!! Maybe 'cause at this stage in my life I am ALSO "Whosyergurl - Hoosiergurl"

^..^Corgidogmama said...

By now, I figure the corgi kids and I have swapped so much spit and I've inhaled so much dog hair, that I don't get too excited about dog cooties anymore~
Your baby dog is a smaller, younger, trimmer version of our ol' Addie girl.
My old cat, who lived to 15, loved it when I changed the sheets too.
Cat games!
Hope all is well in the southern part of Hoosierland!

Miss Janice said...

She's pretty and fit! Kitty's pretty too:)

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