Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunshine on my chickens makes me happy

The other evening after work, I went out to feed and water the chickens.  The setting sun was coming through the window in an amazing way and I ran to get my camera.  This first shot shows the side room of our small barn where the chickens are housed.  This is an old building.  We cleaned and raked before moving the chickens in but they keep digging up old bottles and the like.  There is a corner roost in the right hand corner that you can't see in this picture.  We had to put a piece of limestone on top of our gallon fount because they kept roosting on top of it and knocking it over.  I'm certain the fire marshall would love how we have ran the light from our big barn with an extension cord.  The plan is to run electricity before the snow flies.  Eventually it is dark when I drive to work and dark when I drive home and we will need light to feed and check on the chickens this winter.
 The barred chicken below (black and white for those of you who aren't chicken peeps) is Ella.  She has been my favorite since we brought them home.  I have two of the Rhode Islands and haven't named them.  You can see one of my buffs down below.
 Ella, the barred and one of the New Hampshires.
 Rhode Island,  and who can tell me what kind the black and white below is? And rooster.

 The rooster's feathers are so shiny he looks wet.  I guess the stuff we are feeding them is doing the job.   (Who can tell me what kind of rooster I have?  Americauna?)
If I've called any of them by the wrong name, by all means, correct me.  I've never been positive of what all I have.  We have about eight or nine different kindsSome people might think is it crazy to run for the camera when the lighting is just right in the hen house, but I was kind of excited about it.  We had our first four egg day today.  I'm not certain how long they will lay before they stop because of the cold here in Southern IN.  We are not going to force them to lay in the winter.  Come spring time we should have lots of eggs and I'm hoping for some baby chicks of our own! 


ClassyChassy said...

The one black/white bird is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. There are also Golden Laced Wyandottes, but I did not see any in your bunch. The roo looks like a RI Red Roo, but not sure as mixed also will look similar at times. I have Buff Orpingtons as well, and like them. Nice birds. Some of yours may lay through the winter with no lights. You may have a nice surprise!!!

MamaMonki said...

I'd love to just come and sit among your chickens. I think it would be very calming. Is that weird?

Kris said...

First off Cheryl, I love your blog name. I loved hearing how you came up with it, and I did NOT know that you were going for Hoosier Girl. We have a friend named Hugh. His boat is called Hugh's Your Daddy? I love that!!!
Now, on to chicken chatter! Your Roo is gorgeous! Oh how I would love to have a roo too. And I am telling you, your seem SO much older and more developed than mine!! Only a couple of mine have a visible comb starting, and some wattle showing. But the others look so much younger than yours. I thought you said they were hatched mid to late April? My older three were hatched late APril. I am trying to be patient with the eggs, but I am losing my patience!!! I am beginning to wonder if I am not feeding them right or enough, or whatever. But, my other three were laying eggs, so I shouldn't worry. Your girls look great, and the light streaming through the coop is lovely. I would have run for my camera too!! And I am so glad you did!!!

Holly said...

You can force a chicken to lay an egg? How does that work? I have no chicken knowledge. They don't lay when it's cold? How is it possible that I don't know anything!!?? Anyway, they are all beautiful and I'm so glad you got some great pics.

Karen said...

Your black and white not named is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. I have two and I do love them. Your "coop" is a lovely space for your chickens, plenty of room!

ain't for city gals said...

lol..I feel the same about chickens as know that is not how you spell it but can't think of it! I'm such a scrooge...just think how Christmas is going to shape up this year. AND I read your comment on Kris's blog about whosyergurl...duh..I always liked your spelling cause it reminds me of my niece...our soon to be lawyer who is sweating passing the bar exams (will know Oct 7)....she used to say grill instead of girl...I know not the same but close...ok..i will stop now...xoxoxo lol my word verification is calfspee...kind of fits in with this comment..

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