Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm the sort of person that if I sat down to eat with you I would ask you what you are ordering.  Because when your food arrives, it will look better to me than what I ordered and I will wish that I had ordered what you are ordering.
If you were here with me I would ask you what book you are currently reading or what the last movie was that you saw.  I would ask you who you are currently listening to.  I am curious that way.
I went to the library today and decided I would share with you what I picked up. 
Some time back I discontinued my Netflix account.  Our local library has online ordering so I just hop on there and tell them what I want and they let me know when it is ready for pick-up.  I have about 125 items on my list right now. 

I got this boxed set to listen to...Traveling Wilburys.  I like them.  Kind of new to me.  I love getting CDs from the library because I can test-drive then burn if I like them.  I like a lot so I have to be really crazy about them to burn the CD.
This is what I'll be watching...Country Strong with Gwyneth.  I wanted to see this when it came out almost a year ago.  I wanted to see it at the theatre, but that didn't happen.  Who doesn't want to be a country singer?
 Here is what I'll be reading...
What Would Jackie Do?  I just adored Jackie.  So smart and independent.  I loved her sense of style.  I have some sunglasses just like the ones that are pictured on the cover of this book.  My kids always hated them.  I can't wear them right now because the prescription is off...but these are amazing frames...keep all of the sunlight out. 

Aged to Perfection, a Country Living book.  Country Living is a magazine that I've subscribed to for years.  This will be a good "flip-through" book that might give me some decorating ideas. 
Please let me know...
1. What are you currently reading?
2.  What was the last movie you saw?  (Theatre or dvd.)
3.  What music has grabbed you as of late?

Why do I want to know?  Because I'm curious that way! 


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am the same way. I have to know what everyone else is ordering before I order. Because theirs ALWAYS looks better!

Kris said...

My current read is Sarah's Key. My latest movie was The Help, at the theater. We Netflix too. Just got Soul Surfer, loved it, and the one where the hiker gets stuck and has to cut his arm off. I don't think I can watch that. If you like the Traveling Wils, then do try Old Crow Medicine Show. Love their sound. But they are kind of raw.
I also love a wide variety of music, mostly Country, but I also love spanish music, like Mana, and Gypsy Kings. And about books, if you like historicals at all, then try the series by Diana Gabaldon. They take place in Scotland, with time travel involved. VERY good! VERY accurate historically, and absolutely wonderful!!!! I love a book about 1,000 pages long to take me away. For simple reading, I like some of Debbie Macomber, I read all of LaVyrle Spencers, and I love some law type books. Try Mitigating Circumstances, oh dear, the author is slipping my mind. Linda something, I think. Oh dear...think...think...Well, nada..I'll tell you when I remember. Another great historical is Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo. And an oldie, but very goody, was a blind pick for me from the library, but so thought provoking, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. REX, by Stanger. Also forget the first name. Joyce maybe...yeah, that' it, Joyce Stranger? Maybe? Shoot, I am not sure. Okay, there you have it. My two cents worth. Oh, for music, LOVE Adele!!! And some of my old favs, were rockers like Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bob Seager. Boz Sgaggs, on an on I could go. A true product of the 70's, I am. Sorry to prattle on so!!

ain't for city gals said...

just thinking...aged to perfection would be a good blog name...I have started using the library again also but I have to admit it is just not the same as holding a new one last pleasure I have I have very reluctantly given up (almost). I think I am one of the few disappointed in the help..I read the book ..didn't see the movie. Maybe because I have worked in the domestic arena I don't think things have changed all that much...I swear the people i worked for (some would know by name) would still have me use a separate bathroom if they could. Anyway..I just finished watching The Visitor...I thought it was good...would be happy to send you it...along with some others if you like...e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

I'm 'game:


2. TANGLED (loved it)


Karen said...

I just finished reading The Paris Wife, loved it!

Last movie I saw was Batman Begins if you really want me to admit it.

I still listen to the old stuff, mainly because I can remember what it sounds like - hearing impairment sucks with new music.

Karen Whittal said...

Hi there, you certainly have n interesting collection. At the moment I am reading Jodie Picoult's new book Sing me home. the last movie I watched was Fast and Furious 5 an lasted music is Adele, and since I have just seen Micheal Bolton who has just been to South Africa on a tour I putted out my old favourites

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