Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

For fun on Friday night, I picked up a Papa Murphy's Jack O' Lantern pizza.  Cute.  $6.99.  Fun.  Yummy.
Punkin' pizza
 My friend Marti, from Indy loves Halloween.  One of the guys that Doug works with was having a party.  So Marti came down to go out with us.  I don't get into Halloween too much, so I just picked up a few things (headband, gloves, mask) from Cracker Barrel at half price on Friday night.  If you can't tell, there is a spider sitting on top of my head.  So I guess I was spider lady.  We went to the party and by the end of the night I had taken off the gloves and mask.  I wear glasses, so the mask didn't really work too well.
Marti (Judge Judy) & me

Doug (crazy surfer dude) & Marti (Judge Judy)

Doug & me
I'm working down at the shop today where Cindy says it will be doggie day...she is bringing in her two chihuahuas in costume.  I'll wear the spider headband for fun.  Happy Halloween!


Cheryl said...

Lurve those gloves. Wish I had a pair for everyday wear!

Cherie Wilson said...

Hello Cheryl! Loved seeing you finally in person today and sharing in this art journey. It was especially fun since it was totally unexpected! I hope we Bloomington girls can go to lunch sometime around the holidays if it can work out:) Oh, and I wanted to tell you I kept thinking about that special purple feather that you had in your hair today! so fun!
Happy Weekending to you creative girl! XO

Anonymous said...

I see the coconut didn't work.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Looks like alot of fun . . You both look too cute! Sandy:O)

Chatty Crone said...

Hey sexy spider lady - great costume. sandie

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