Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new October love

For those of you who are regular readers probably think that the title of this post has something to do with my daughter's recent wedding.  Not so.
This post is about a new recent October  discovery...the North Carolina State Fair. 
 The North Carolina State fairgrounds is a mixture of old buildings.  One of the first buildings we saw a grist mill where they were giving away piping hot hush puppies.  Delicious.
Me, in front of the grist mill

Look close and you can see the rain a-comin' down.
 One thing they had at the North Carolina State fair that we don't have in Indiana was tobacco.  I've always thought the drying barns were cool looking in North Carolina.  I wonder if the industry has been hit in recent years?  I quit in '97, so I figure everyone else has quit, too.

Look!  Sir Walter Raleigh in a can.

 We have cows in Indiana, but the cows in North Carolina are smart cows, from N.C. State.

I took this for my egg lady.
 They had a row of restaurant type buildings that were represented by all faiths.  We chose the Christian Church and when the man took our order, he said it would cost more because I was from Ball State.  He said he knew of Ball State because of his church conference being held in Indianapolis.
Church row.  Restaurants from all kinds of churches. 
 We ordered a barbecue sandwich with slaw.  Doug and I try to share food as much as possible.  Seems we always end up eating more than we plan to, anyway.
Not in Indiana.  Not this menu. 
 We were at the North Carolina State fair on my birthday, which is October 20.  I overheard someone say the word "birthday," and I asked who.  This little gal came over to visit with me. 
My birthday friend, Hannah.  She was 11.  I said "ME, TOO!"  Then I said "not really."
 We didn't eat anything fried - but I had to take a picture of this...yuck.
Fried, fried and fried.
My son and his girlfriend had been to the fair and he told me that there was one place that sold pineapple whip - which if you are a regular reader, you know I love pineapple whip.  We searched and searched for it.

When I finally found the pineapple whip, I told the lady, "I heard you were here and we've been looking for you - I have pineapple whip at the Indiana State Fair and I love it."  Then the lady said "you probably buy it from me, I'm there."  She was from Indianapolis, but now lives in Florida. 
For my egg lady who keeps bees.
 Am I the bee's knees or what?
I loved this sign.
It rained almost the whole time we were there, but we had a great time.  The North Carolina State Fair is held in October because it is too hot in the summer.  So now I have a new October love.


stephanie said...

How fun! I loved going to the Indiana State Fair as a kid, but now with school starting so early I can never take my own kids it seems...The pineapple whip sounds fabulous...

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Looks like you packed a lot of fun all into one trip, wedding and all!
I'll be flying into Raleigh on Dec. 10 to see my girls. I wonder if April has ever gone to the NC State Fair? They go to the Outer Banks every Spring, rent a condo on the beach with several families. That's on my bucket list as well!

Lori said...

That cow is so beautiful! I lived in Maryland for a while and completely forgot about tobacco hanging everywhere!

besswess said...

I love that Cow. Jersey cows are the most beautiful. That greasy food looks delish!

Mary Jo said...

I thought I saw a duck! Hooray for diversity under the brooder lamp!

Chatty Crone said...

You have been a busy gal. Whew.

I haven't been to a fair in ages - it looked like so much fun. You looked great but the way.

Happy Halloween

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