Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We can overcome judging a person by the color of their skin.

We can overcome societal pressures and expectations based on historical events.

We can embrace new ideas.

We can get past fear, ignorance and lies.

We can move ahead.

We can welcome a new family to the White House.
Personally, I thought John McCain was a "non-contender" all along. And then when Sarah Palin came along, I was convinced they were through. So, I was surprised that the race was as close as it was.
I'm very proud that Indiana has gone blue! Unheard of. Somehow, Mitch won. With all of the "not my man" stickers that I see around, I didn't expect that. He messed up the toll road situation, he has done very little to help our state park system and natural resources in Indiana.

And now we can say "Buh-bye Sarah." The only sad thing about seeing her go back to Alaska is that Tina Fey announced she is retiring the character. That was some funny stuff.

I admire McCain for his speech. He spoke so well that I felt as if he might have fared better in the election, had he spoken that well all along. And, maybe if he had put some duct tape over Sarah's mouth.

Now, git. Go. Skeedaddle on out of here. Jus' goes back to your people.

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kate said...

Yay!!! Woohooo!!! It's a great day.

I admit to an evil cackle when they showed Sarah Palin crying.

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