Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Don't look at her!"

On Election Day, Doug worked all day at Harrodsburg. He put in a fifteen hour day. The following night, he was on the bed by 8:30, "resting." When one or both of us are on the bed, all of us are on the bed. Two cats and a dog join in.
Despite Doug "resting," I was bustling about like normal. I brought a load of dry towels in and plopped them on the bed to fold. Doug told Chelsea, "don't look at her. Don't make eye contact or she will find a task for you to do! She will have you doing chores! Chelsea, she will have you folding laundry!"
I thought this was hilarious. I wanted to share what he said along with a pic of Chelsea "not looking at me."
If only she could fold laundry!


kate said...

Ha! "Do not make eye contact"! That Doug's a funny guy!

Denise S. said...

Precious little one. Is it a Corgi?

Whosyergurl said...

Welsh Pembroke Corgi, age 4.5 months old. She is up to 13 lbs! She is a fat girl! ;-)
Thanks for your comment! Cheryl

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