Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Normal scene at my house

Here is the scene in our living room recently on a cool fall evening. Fat Milo on the back of the sofa. He is my cat, indoors only. He has gotten fat from eating Chelsea's food! And Chelsea eats any left-over cat food. (Not that there is that much.)The cats will start barking and the dog will start meowing! Tree (Doug's sister named him Tree because she found him in a tree.) is the "cobby" black and white "hitler cow cat." My beloved Chelsea and my honey, Doug.
I sent this to a few gal friends of mine and labeled it "my honey and my kids." One of my friends wrote back and said "who is the honey and who are the kids?" Good question!

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kate said...

Adorable! Every one of 'em!

Cute Overload has some Corgi-puppy porn if you're interested. I swear there's nothin' cuter than a Corgi puppy.

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