Monday, November 17, 2008

One year anniversary.

The was the little house in New Castle that we lived in for eighteen years. My children essentially grew up in this house. It wasn't the nicest house, but it was home. I had a one car detached garage - it had a patio out back and great trees (as you can see) out back. I planted the two evergreens in the front yard in 2001.
I loved the screened in porch with the metal roof and the awnings because you could hear the rain. Some nights, if a storm was loud and woke me, I would go out and sit on the porch and just watch and listen. I loved it that little house.
One year ago I moved to Bloomington. I love it here. There is a wonderful sense of safe community here. So much so that it was recently voted as the number one get away destination by this magazine. We have great cultural events. Farmer's market on Saturday, every restaurant and store you could ever want and many local shops and restaurants. New Castle is two hours away - so not so far that I can't get back.
When I first moved here, putting our lives together was quite an adjustment. We did long distance for two and a half years. I had my own home for eighteen years, Doug - seventeen years. Two captains, one ship. Now, a year later, things are smoother. Doug is very willing to adopt most of my suggestions concerning home improvement. Before I moved in, his house was something akin to a locker room. He and his sons used it in a very utilitarian way - place to sleep, eat, shower, change clothes before going to the next sports event. For the most part, we threw out his furniture and stuff and use mine. We have redecorated the guest room ("Laura's room") and the living room, the entry way, the bathroom and now we are redoing the family room or as we call it "the fireplace room." We have also removed carpet in the kitchen and dining room. We feel that carpet is unhealthy and eventually, I don't believe we will have any at all. We may put ceramic tile in our bedroom! The house is a bi-level and we may put ceramic tile in the entire lower level.
One year later, I'm in a better place in my life. In many more ways than one.


kate said...

Yay! Happy anniversary! Isn't it amazing how things can change in a year?

Totally off-topic: today you asked if Bea tilts her head when we talk to her and I said no...but I forgot to tell you one of her most endearing little quirks is that she LOVES to attack the vacuum! She's posessed! She'll hide under the dining room table and then lunge out at the vacuum and growl and try to bite it. It's the funniest damn thing; it makes vacuuming fun!

MB said...

relocating is hard. I'm glad you're feeling more settled...

Hey, have any suggestions for books? I feel the need to escape with a good one!

Mrs. Staggs said...

A very happy anniversary to you and yours, Cheryl! It's wonderful to move forward in life in positive ways, and it sounds like you've been doing a lot of that in the last year.

All my best to you.

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