Monday, November 10, 2008

Hidey Holes and other woodsey finds

Yesterday, I was out at this park. The weather was lovely. A perfect gray, fall day. The temperature was in the thirties and it was trying to spit snow or ice or something more than rain.

I was out hiking and taking photographs with Kathy.
Isn't she pretty? Her smile and company can light up any day. She and I have been friends for nearly (gulp) thirty years. We've been on lots of adventures, together.
As we walked in the woods and I was taking photographs, I began to notice all of the hidey holes for the critters.
There were red berries,

and bittersweet.

There was a fungus among us!

Wet leaves, pretty leaves,
dried Queen Anne's Lace and other dried flowers.
And look what we found! This wasn't in the park, (leave nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints) but on the roadside. I've never seen bittersweet growing wild like this! I love bittersweet! I brought home enough to make a wreath.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

These photos are so pretty. I love those knothole photos. You found a lot! We don't have bittersweet here, but I've always thought it was beautiful. Occasionally our florist and a nearby nursery will get a little bit in, but you would be shocked at the price. $27.oo for a small bunch!

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