Monday, August 25, 2008

What a good baby!

Friday night, we met Sylvia and hubby in Bedford. Sylvia loves her dogs so much, she stood there holding Chelsea as if she didn't want to let her go. Finally, she handed her to me. I held her in my lap on the way home and this is what she did, promptly. Basically, she died. She is such a baby, she just falls over and sleeps very soundly. Doug & I sat in the kitchen and I said "well, this is boring, I think I want a different puppy." Then she came to life and we had some fun in the driveway with her, playing chase.
This is as far as she would go on the steps. Which is fine, because we tried to keep her contained in the kitchen for awhile.
On Saturday morning, we took her to farmer's market. Actually, we took her to the edge of farmer's market and took turns going in. Dogs aren't allowed. You see people with dogs at farmer's market, but they aren't supposed to be there.
There was a steady stream of children and adults, all wanting to pet and coo over her. That is why I wanted to take her along. So that she will become socialized enough that she won't nip anyone later on. One woman came up to Doug and said "now, be sure you take this dog home and give her a cool bath!"
We did give her water in the van in a frisbee and she got in the water, so I think she was o.k. We went to a festival at Barry's church, and one man went and got Chelsea a cup of ice water and even tore the cup down several inches so she could drink from it.
We had the most wonderful weekend. On Friday night, the Swingrays were playing on Kirkwood, a street concert and Doug wanted to go. But, once we picked Chelsea up, he thought we should just stay home with her and so he made frozen pizza and he watched the Olympics. When we put her in her kennel she whined for a short time. She was up at 4:20 to potty. Then yesterday, she was up at 5:40. Laura called from Greece and woke me at 8:50. She said "it is 8:50, time to get up!" I said "I pulled puppy duty at 5:40, don't I get any credit for that?"
Yesterday we picked up four large bags of Miracle-Gro flower and vegetable soil and two large bags of mulch. I wanted to get it spread in the full sun garden. I first put Chelsea's lead out near the drive. She promptly got herself tangled behind a bush. That was fun getting her out of there. Then, I staked her out in the grass and she whined and cried until she fell asleep in the grass while I worked. Then, I wanted to clean up some of the car port and I fastened her lead to the basketball goal. She promptly got herself stuck behind the wood pile, another fun time for me, getting her out of there. Then, I attached her lead to one of the posts on the carport and she finally fell asleep. Last night, she slept through the night! What a good baby.
I am so sore from working in the garden that I can barely sit today. I'm very sore down the back of my legs. I bought another Echinacea, a beautiful yellow, orange hue from the hot flower man at farmer's market. We also bought two more hostas and another ground cover plant which I need to get set out tonight. True to my word, I've continued to buy and plant. The gym is closed this week, but I continue to get a work out.
It was a wonderful weekend. Very restful. This little dog is a joy. She makes us laugh. She has three toys that are small enough for her to play with (the others are bigger than she is) she pounces on her bunny and shakes her head side to side. Awfully fierce for a three pound puppy.


kate said...

OH. MY. GOD. I am soooo jealous!! She is adorable. I want to smush my face in her fur.

So where is she sleeping? Are you doing the crate thing? Where does she stay when you're at work?

I found out yesterday that a young woman one block over has a cardigan welsh corgi. I want one so badly!

nom nom nom nom nom she is so cute!!!


Whosyergurl said...

I emailed you this a.m.
She is so precious!
We are doing the crate thing. I didn't even give her a treat to get in it and she seems to like it. We have a stuffed animal in the back of it and she sleeps on top of it! And sometimes, she doesn't want to come out!
Chelsea is a Pembroke. They are a little smaller. I love her markings.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is so cute!! I totally feel in love with the breed because of Audrey and Clover Meadow. I am wanting to do the crate training.

Come by anytime and see Gingerbean!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL..I am back again. My daughter Camille (known on the blog as babygator) and my son Cade (known as bebo) gave her too me for my b-day and Christmas present. Camille saw a woman running at the park with 2 corgis and stopped and talked to her. The lady has a female that she bred and that is how I got mine. I was totally floored and surprised yesterday!!!!

I am in Texas.

seethroughfaith said...

came here from the Princess' place - where Beanie now lives - cos I wanted to spy on Chelsea. Wow - she's a keeper too.

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