Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chelsea the Pembroke Corgi at Six Weeks

Here we are at the farm, last night. It is located between Bedford and Mitchell, off of 50 West. It is a beautiful drive.

Chelsea with sibs. She is the one in the middle and objectively, I believe she is the most handsome.

Aw, don't you love that little face?
(Hers, not mine!)

WOOK at the wittle puppy!
Oh my goodness.
So, yeah, I'm in love already and we haven't even brought her home yet. We were there for quite awhile. Sylvia (the breeder/farm wife woman) didn't seem to mind. She seemed to enjoy the time we were there almost as much as we did. I have to say that Sylvia seems to genuinely love the animals that she cares for.
One of Chelsea's sisters was a crazy girl last night. She is being adopted by a woman who is going to show her and run her in obstacle courses. Seems she might be the right dog for that. Sylvia kept saying "She is going to be a star!" Chelsea is quiet and docile. For now, anyway. That is fine with me. We still won't bring her home for a few weeks. I can't wait!


Nicole said...

I definitely think she is the cutest of the bunch!

kate said...

SHUT UP. You just got a Corgi?? That is what I want soooo badly! Now I DO love you. ;D Surely you read Posie Gets Cozy and know of her Clover Meadow?

Have you ever had a Corgi before? I guess I should read the post...I rushed straight to the comments upon seeing the photos....

Whosyergurl said...

YES, I read Alicia's blog (LOVE the blog, LOVE her) LOVE Clover Meadow. Read my entry that says "I'm leaving Doug." and how I want to go live w/her.
I've never had a Corgi. As a girl I had a Cocker and another as an adult- she was my little girl before I had children. We tried to have a Jack Russell & that was a disaster. Chelsea will come home just before Labor Day.

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