Monday, August 4, 2008

Second visit with my little girl, Chelsea Kabob

Here she is at four weeks, five days. We were so surprised to see how she had grown! I went into the little shed to get her and when I came out, Doug just melted and made this little "oh" sound. When we saw Chelsea and the litter at three weeks, they were just little puppy lumps. One of them fell asleep, on her back, in the palm of Sylvia's hand.

This time, she had more than doubled in size. You can see what a handsome dog she is going to be! Look at that tongue! She just can't wait to get a taste of the world.

For many reasons, we've decided to wait until she is nine weeks old to bring her home. For one, we are going to Starved Rock State Park in Illinois with the Indianapolis Hiking Club for Labor Day weekend and we would have to find a sitter. I wouldn't be able to board her, because she won't have all her shots. Also, I am reading and studying everything I can about how to be a good puppy mom and a lot of people advise to bring puprs home at eight weeks rather than six weeks. They say that in those two extra weeks it makes for a more emotionally secure pup and, the pup learns a lot of social skills such as biting/not biting. I know she is better off with Sylvia at the farm so we'll leave her there and I'll just have to continue to visit.

A kiss for luck and we're on our way. Until the next time, little lump of love.

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the problem with puppies is that they grow up.

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