Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Like sands through the hour glass"

For years, I was a "Days of our Lives" fan. My life revolved around that show. Which is hard to imagine now, because I rarely watch t.v. This was in my "ladies who lunch" days, when I was at home. I watched Days of our Lives so much that when Laura was born and the music would come on, she would look up and around. She recognized the music that she had heard when I carried her in my womb!
I have been feeling like these are the days of our lives. My dear friend, Cynthia Cora Owens passed away on August 5. I didn't find out in time to go to the service. Her death hit me really hard. I hate death. Hate the finality of it. Like flipping a light switch, one minute, the light is on, the next it has gone out. Cindy and I became friends in the Smokies, years ago. I didn't have much experience, we were out on a very long hike and on a river crossing, my feet got wet. I was muddling through, downcast, when Cindy asked if there were anything she could do for me. My feet were wet and I was miserable. I was truly worried that hypothermia might set in. I told her how bad I felt and she her face brightened. She told me that she had a pair of dry socks in her pack. They were dirty, but dry. I happily pulled them on and completed the hike. We became friends because she loaned her dirty socks to me. Through the years, we mostly kept touch via email. Last May, when I graduated from Ball State, she made a donation to Gleaner's Food Bank in my honor. And she also sent a Willow statue of an angel with her face turned up, her arms outstretched and blue birds sitting on her arms. I remember I wept as I opened the package. Cindy had very lovingly wrapped it for me. She had dealt with Cancer for many years, but her death was still sudden and unexpected. She was 61. It wasn't so long ago that she forwarded a funny email to me. I miss her.
Originally, we were going to be gone over Labor Day weekend, and now Laura is coming home and so we are going to bring Chelsea home sooner than we thought. I'm very excited but keep thinking "am I ready?" If anyone has any last minute puppy mom advice for me, I would love to hear from you.
I am also ready to buy a new camera. I think I am leaning towards a Nikon D40. I need to get to the camera shop to see what they have to say. Again, I appreciate any and all advice that you have to share with me.
I'm busy cleaning the house, getting ready to bring Chelsea home. Also, want the house shining for Laura. I can't wait for both!
"Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives."


Anonymous said...

we just bought a Canon Rebel XT... it rocks. we love it... and since it was the XT model it was reduced but just as good as the current model...

Nicole said...

Puppy advice:
-Don't bother with too many soft toys. They just shred them instantly causing you to worry about the puppy swallowing the filling.
-Granick's Bitter Apple Spray. Keeps them from biting. Spray it on yourself, furniture, whatever.
-Treats to go potty outside. It works!
-Nature's Miracle. For the oopsies when they don't make it outside.
-Don't switch the food suddenly. Wean from one to another over a week.
It's going to be so hard and stressful at first, but it will totally be worth it! Good luck!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

No puppy advice for you as I have sworn them off. I still have the emotional scares from when my 1st golden retriever was a puppy 17 years ago. This time around we rescued a golden that was 1 1/2.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you know that I'm just outside of Indy in Fishers?

Whosyergurl said...

I saw you live in Fishers! I just moved to B-town last November. I am from New Castle. Do you know how many times I've been through Fishers?
I am a BSU grad & worked there. Now, I'm @ IU.

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