Monday, August 11, 2008

"We'll sleep when we are dead"

Past weekend: Friday after work, going away party for Angela C. at Upland's with my law peeps. I didn't stay too late because Doug's brother Paul and family were coming to visit on Saturday. I rushed home to mop my white kitchen floor, finish tidying up and tried to get to bed at a decent hour. We met them at Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.
Doug and Paul took Dylan and Skye canoeing and out to Patton Cave. Michele and I started at Relish and hit shops all the way up to Urban Outfitter's near the Sample Gates. It was a long walk back to the car. We love Paul & Michele and truly enjoy the boys. Dylan is starting first grade this week. He is sensitive and intelligent, loves Food Network and cooking. Skye is two and says absolutely everything. His favorite item seems to be a flashlight. We always enjoy being with them. Doug and Paul are very much alike as are Michele and I. She and I had lots of good talks. She helps me to understand the Steury Fam. She also has lots of great ideas for expanding my creative side.
We all returned late to the house, Doug built a fire in the fireplace out back and we made foil dinners, which we ate about ten p.m. Then, he and I sat in the living room with Paul and Michele until they fell asleep. Then, Doug and I were up talking until one thirty.
Yesterday was Casey's graduation party which was held at Amy and Dave's house. That was interesting. Once again, we fell into bed around eleven.
After work, today, another trip to the farm to see puppy, Chelsea and I have more plants to get into the ground. Will I get to the Y? I definitely need a noon time nap!
This morning, when I was complaining to Doug about how tired we always are, his response was "we'll sleep when we are dead."

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Anonymous said...

Our normal bedtime is around midnight...

we both went to bed at 10p last night... dead tired.

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