Thursday, July 31, 2008

Totally Random Thursday


Why is it that I can leave at 7:30 a.m. and barely make it to work on time, OR, leave at 7:50 and get there at 8:10? (Even when I stop for coffee?)

At Starbucks:

You get your coffee faster, better service at the drive-through.
Also: Starbucks! Sometimes VENTI isn't big enough! Some days I need an extra large Venti.

Transference and witchery:

Yesterday, after I picked up two pennies on the floor near my desk, I was thinking about how I always pick up pennies. The way I see it is - money is money. So, this morning while we were getting ready for work, I asked Doug if he picks up pennies. And, he is all suspicious like

"Why are you asking me that?"

and I said, "I was just wondering because I always do."

He got totally freaked out and told me that he had a dream last night about dropping a bunch of change and how he picked it all up - except for the pennies, which he left for the janitor. Then he asked me if he was mumbling in his sleep (which he often does).
I told him he wasn't. I was thinking about this yesterday.

>insert spooky music here<

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Anonymous said...

It's all traffic patterns dear... Like I can leave for work on Thursdays and if I leave just a smidge too late I'll get caught behind busses and be REALLY late...

Sometimes you need the Starbucks IV.

And I don't have a girlfriend... but I appreciate your candor nonetheless.

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