Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm leaving Doug.

I was the mom who was always lousy at making Halloween costumes. In fact, the way I saw it - Halloween was one of those holidays just to make me look bad. The most creative costume(s) I ever came up with was the year that Laura and I were black cats. She must have been four years old and there is an adorable photo of the two of us, somewhere. We both wore black long sleeve tops and black sweatpants. I took orange ribbon and put a bell on it. We each had one, which we wore like a necklace around our necks. Then, I bought a long furry, fuzzy boa thing which I cut in half and secured to each of our butts with a safety pin. (Be careful how you sit on that tail.) Then, I took a head band and cut two triangles of black felt and made ears. My make-up completed the costume with drawn on noses and whiskers.

I've never been very creative or very "good" at things like sewing, baking, crafting. I enjoy it, but am not very good at it. I don't have a lot of "vision." I took a jewelry making class last fall and each piece I fashioned looked as if it had been made by a first grader. I don't feel as if I have very much vision. Even planting my garden, I say a secret prayer that it will all turn out right.

Someone who seems to be ever so good at everything she does is Alicia Paulson (of Posie Gets Cozy). I'm in love with her. I've spent hours reading her blog and I have to say - I want her life. She lives in Oregon with hubby Andy. She is so cute the way that she refers to him as "Andy Paulson." She knits, she sews, she cooks, she takes great photos. AND, she has the most adorable new Cardigan Welsh Corgi that she named "Clover Meadow." Is that adorable or what? She absolutely loves life and delights in every detail, including her goofs. So, sorry Doug, I'm off to Oregon to live with the Paulsons.

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