Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Selling yourself.

I suppose I am an odd duck because I truly enjoy the interview process. I also love auditioning in theatre and music. It is putting yourself out there. Because of putting yourself out there, you are conveying

"I vote for me!"

"I believe in myself!"

"I can do what you are asking!"

Many years ago, in high school, I might not have learned that I enjoyed this process or developed my confidence to the level that it is today without one person in my life - Becky. I would have never auditioned for any theatre or music without her urging.

If you've never auditioned for a play - I would encourage you to do so. It is reaching, stretching, challenging yourself to a new level.

Because I was successful in sales, usually number two, sometimes one, I enjoyed sales. It was a kick, a high, a rush when someone said yes after I gave my spiel. And what better high is there than someone actually hiring you and saying to you:
"we believe in you"
"we want you to represent our company."
There is nothing like that feeling of success one gets when one gets the job. I too, am always confident that when I don't get the job, that it is for a reason for that as well. I believe the best person will get the job and if it isn't me, then it wasn't meant to be - that there was someone better. But what is more thrilling than selling yourself?

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