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Ms. Chelsea Kabob Bennett!

I think the whole world has seen her picture by now. My whole world. So, I thought I would announce it to the rest of the whole world. Is she adorable or what? Only three weeks old. I can't bring her home for three more weeks. I can, however, visit whenever I want. Since the farm is out in B.F.E. and gas is out the ass, I will probably only visit her once a week.

We went out and for some reason Sylvia was showing us everything except the Corgis. I finally said "Um, we're here to see the Corgis." There were originally four females and a male. Sylvia probably already has the male placed with a gentleman from Illinois, and I thought I really wanted a female anyway. The runt, had already died, and I took the smallest one. She seemed to "choose me" and to have the most personality. The other two were like lumps. So tiny and sleepy. As Sylvia held one of them, she held her on her back and the puppy just put her head back and fell asleep. Chelsea does look exactly like her mother. Next time I go out I'll get pics of the Sire and Dam. Plus, document Chelsea's growth.

Here she is with her sisters:
I wanted to have a small dog. I liked the markings on the one that has a lot of black and white, (pup on far right) but she also had a skunk appearance about her. Plus, she was a fatty. The one on the far left is Chelsea. The one in the middle had very similar markings except the line down the middle of her head was crooked and we just can't have that!

Sylvia had the sire penned. She said he got the rest of the dogs riled up. She did let him out so that I could sit in the pen with the babies and sure enough, he got all of the other dogs on the farm all excited. The dam seemed very docile and quiet. Doug couldn't get them to fetch, but we'll work with Chelsea from the beginning. That was one of Doug's criteria: "a dog that fetches.

As Chelsea gets older, she should look more like the dog on the right in this picture:

She is a "tri-color" and already has the little brown spots on her eyebrows and she has brown along her jawbone as well. She has white paws like this one, too. Ohmigawd, I'm in love! So, three weeks to puppy-ize the house, buy bowls, collar, leash, make appt. with vet and obedience school, check out prices to board. We will have to leave her when we go to Starved Rock in Illinois... I will contact them to see if I can take her. We can't take her with the hiking club (no dogs allowed) but, if I can have her in the cabin, I'll take her and the kennel.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding care and training, I will welcome any and all comments.
oh! Found pics of the dam & sire on the website...
Dam: Chelsea looks just like her Mama - a very sweet dog.

Sire: He was bigger and fluffier. More aggressive, too.


Nicole said...

If my puppy and your puppy like each other, I could probably watch her sometime. Also, I have an entire blog dedicated to my puppy (luffyupdate.blogspot.com) that might have something helpful for you.

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

How cute is that puppy??? Love your blog! Thanks for linking to me!

zUzU said...

=^..^= Hi Cheryl!

What a delight to have you visit my blog! And hearing of your pending arrival ... I had to rush right over to 'meet' your new little one!

AahRoooo! (say Caila & Izzie)

Total Yummers.
Whata doll! Chelsea is going to (as if she hasn't already) wrap you around her little paws and hold your hearts captive.

I adore tri's ::sigh:: my first corgi was a red tri and the sweetest girl.

More pictures! More pictures!
Can't wait to see more of Mz Chelsea Kabob.
=^..^= love, zU

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