Sunday, October 21, 2012

Riding the rails in the birthday car

Friday, after work, my gals and I went to The Rail for drinks. (I will refer you to their facebook page as their website isn't too hot.) We went to this place in the summer when it was about nine hundred degrees. Apparently their AC was out. So we decided to visit once again since the temps have cooled down. My birthday is 10/20 and when I received an Outlook meeting request "to discuss a VIP," I figured the girls were up to something.  They crowned me queen for the evening.  (Who doesn't love to wear a crown?)
This place is known for their unique, outstanding drinks.  We all share drinks - passing them around and tasting each other's drinks.  We figure the alcohol will kill the germs.

With every one's drinks
 Anne brought cupcakes from Angel B's. Rene brought cupcakes, too.
 We were also celebrating the huge new rock that Anne is now sporting.
Love everything about this picture
Sadly, the rock is obscured from view in this photo - it is beautiful.  (Good job, Matt.)
We are all very happy and excited for the wedding which is late next summer. 

Sweet Annie.  Love this gal.
 Rene is artsy and smart with all matters where computers are concerned.

me and Rene
Anne wears a lot of hats in her position.  When Karen isn't eating men for breakfast, she can be found at HR.  MJ is a writer and the voice of all things important at the Kelley School.  She is also my former "egg lady," who convinced me to keep chickens.

Anne, Karen and Mary Jo
Our waiter, was a musician from the Jacobs School.  Oh, my, I wanted him to sing Music of the night for me.  Especially when I learned his name is Vincent.  He had the most beautiful speaking voice.

Vincent - who had to put up with us got to wait on us
Rene brought the latest issue of Bloom and Mary Jo - the writer, had a piece published in it.  MJ was very excited to show us her article.

Mary Jo will love this photo.

on the sill beside us

sur la table

 I love these gals.  At one time, we all worked together.  Now, only two remain where we used to work.  We all still work at university.
wearing the awesome necklace Rene made for me
Thanks, ladies for the drinks and the cupcakes and the gifts.  You rock.  So fun to be queen - even if it is for the day. 


Karen Bates said...

Happy Birthday to you......!! What a nice looking bunch of gals, I can see you had a blast!

Did you know one has to type out squiggly words to enter a comment?

joan said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had so much fun. =)

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun outing you ladies had together. Didn't know about The Rail and will have to check it out sometime this winter...

Privet and Holly said...

Cheryl, belated
birthday wishes!!!
You are rocking
that tiara, my friend.
And how blessed you
were to be surrounded
with such great amigas
to help you celebrate!
Here's to a great new
birthday year!

xo Suzanne

MamaMonki said...

Looks like a wonderful evening with friends! Happy Birthday!

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl. What a perfect way to celebrate! Sounds like you were not only queen for a day with your gal pals, but Doug spoiled you too!
You sure deserve it!!!
XO Kris

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Happy Birthday Girl . . . You look so pretty in these pics :O) Nothing better then celebrating with your girlfriends. Blessings, xo

Donna said...

I'll swear.
How do you keep getting to look younger every year? Looks like a great bunch of gal pals. Nothing beats a great bunch of gal pals! You wear your crown well. Happy year ahead, sista! And congrats on your new columnist status with HER magazine!

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