Tuesday, October 9, 2012


She was a friend of a friend.  On the night we met we talked quite a bit.  Doug had a stiff neck.  She told us she was a massage therapist and volunteered to work on Doug's neck.  Right there in the bar. She friended me on facebook and I asked her how much she charged and  asked if I might get a massage after work.
Tonight I went out to her house for a massage.  I looked forward to it all day. I hoped she had one of those rooms and she did.  It was wonderful.  It was warm and had a candle.  The bed was covered in oatmeal colored flannel sheets.
My last massage was several years ago.  When I had those massages, they were with the same woman in my home town.  When she massaged it was hard and deep.  I felt good for some time afterward.  But what it felt like was a person working on another person. 
This was a massage very unlike the ones I had previously experienced.  This woman seemed to push out all of the bad with love.  When I told her that her hands felt like my Grandma's hands on me she told me she wasn't surprised.  My Grandma was one of my most beloved people in my life and she passed away in 2006.  Until tonight, the memory of how her hands felt had floated away from me.  I cried.
I've been experiencing major sleep issues for some time now.  When the massage lady put her hands on me she asked me how many hours of sleep I get each night.  My answer was "not enough."  I asked her if she could tell how tired I was just by touching me.  She said she could.  She told me my body's energy was messed up.  I'm sure it is.
When the massage was over I got dressed and went into the bathroom.  When I looked at my face in the mirror, it had changed.  The relaxed face I saw in the mirror was quite different than the face I wore before the massage.
I can't go often but since it is now socks and shoes weather, I won't be getting a pedi.  I suppose my pedi money could become massage money.  I'm about to go to bed and I expect I will sleep well tonight. 
I've lived here for almost five years and hadn't had a massage since I lived here.  I could never get a good referral from anyone.  I feel as if this woman was sent into my life just when I needed her. 


Kris said...

Cheryl, that is so wonderful! I am one of those weirdos who doesn't like massages. But I know many who do!!
I love that her hands made you think of your Grandma.
PS Sure hope you sleep well tonight too!!

Jen Kershner said...

That sounds more like a gift than a massage. How lucky you found her! I hope it helps your sleep issues. Those affect everything else!

Linda Primmer said...

Good luck with your sleep issues. A massage is heavenly. I could use one right about now. I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and it is affecting my whole left arm.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Cheryl, What a treat . . and to have her as a friend too. Remembering your Grandma, even more of a blessing kiddo. xo

Donna said...

Don't you LOVE a "find?" Just like a great hairdresser, quaint shop, favorite restaurant and a favorite spot to nestle in and read when in the library, the massage therapist is your latest find. When we move somewhere new, these finds build one upon the other and one day we realize we are HOME where we are, not looking for HOME elswhere. At least that has been my experience with moves. My friend Gay, who has moved her fair share, says that it takes four years for a place to feel like home. Sounds about right. Chalk up this find in your year five.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

That your grandma came up in the conversation is likely because she's on watch to make sure you are going to get some relief. Hope you'll be able to put aside some funds and go again.

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