Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Post number 500.  Not that many, really when you consider I've been on here since 2008.  I was on another site for a couple of years before that.
I enjoy blogging because it fulfills my need to write and publish.  I enjoy shooting and using my own photos.  I enjoy the interaction that results from blogging.  I get a real sense of accomplishment from blogging.
I'm always writing blog posts - in my mind.  Do you do that?  I shoot a bunch of photos and have it all planned but life gets in the way sometimes and it doesn't get written.
I tend to be Mary Sunshine.  My creativity shuts down when times get tough.  I have shared some tough times with you along the way.  I've shared some real times with you, too.
The blogging community is interesting.  There are some blogs I have read and enjoyed and commented on and no matter how many time I've commented, I've never heard from the blogger.  And there are other bloggers who respond right away when you comment. And there are people who always, always comment on my blog.  Thank you - feedback is wonderful, isn't it?  I think so. 
When I'm blogging, life is just about right.  I'm rested, (usually) and have enough time to blog and something to share.  I love to blog and read and comment on other blogs. Other times I barely have enough time to throw a blog out there.
Because of working full time, the hours are limited and it seems everything needs me...the animals, the house, the laundry...ugh. 
Usually, when I write, it flows.  I have something to say and I say it. The beauty of it is, if you don't like it or disagree, don't read it.  This is the record of my life.  I like to think about how blogging is changing history.  How after we are gone, other will be able to read our words.  I like to think the Bee will read this blog some day.  Maybe she won't.  In some small way, I like to think I'm leaving my mark on the world or helping someone out, out there. 
Happy 500th post to me.  Here's to many more!


Kris said...

Happy 500th post Cheryl!! I know what you mean. I can identify with all that you said.
I get in slumps, and then it leaves, and I am raring to go again.

From the Kitchen said...

I do, indeed, compose some amazing blog posts in my head. Somehow those never make it to my blog. Oh well, I sure enjoy them! I like to think that future generations might read and enjoy my posts. Happy 500th and many more.


Donna said...

Happy 500th, Cheryl! I love your blog posts. They are funny, warm, entertaining and right on target many times with what I'm thinking about or going through, too. And if not, I might be. They are like letters from home, glimpses into your kitchen, family room or garden. Keep writing! I'll sure keep reading. Donna

Jen Kershner said...

Happy 500 Cheryl. I like to think that same thing about my family looking back at my blog.

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