Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leetle Seester

Last summer I invited my Leetle Seester, Jan, to come down for a visit.  It didn't work out. 
Recently, I invited her to come down this past weekend.  This time she showed up. 
 I was ready. 
I had the welcome planter planted.
The welcome to the farm sign was out. 
 The Mary Engelbreit "Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional" flower holder was in the door.  This flower holder was my sister's birthday gift.  This theme has been present in our lives for several years and something that makes us giggle.  I actually allowed her to leave and forgot to give this to her...I called as she drove away and said
come back- you forgot something!
Do you know how you know when you are old?  You know you are old when your "LITTLE SISTER" is turning FIFTY.  Yeah.  That means I am "ahem," almost three years older than she is.  We went to Malibu to have a little birthday lunch for her.  She had the Thai noodle salad and I was able to entice her to join me in having a Long Island iced tea. 
 Then our adorable, adorable waiter brought her a little birthday surprise.  I had commented that he was so cute that I wanted to put him in my purse and take him home with me.  MY SISTER TOLD HIM WHAT I HAD SAID!  I about died of embarrassment.
He was nice enough to take a pic of the two of us.  Jan on the left.  Moi...on the right.
We did the Farmer's Market and the Arts Fair on the Square.  My sister bought a brass dragonfly for me...and a pair of earrings for herself.  They "spoke" to her.  When something speaks to have to buy it!
Then we went home to fetch the duggles and chillax for a bit, then returned to do the Taste of Bloomington.  This is us with our "TASTE" stamps on our wrists. 
And here is my sister, having an amazing time...
Do we even know what this means?  Should you be doing this in public?

I was the tallest student in my school in the sixth grade.  I was five foot, two inches tall.  And then I stopped growing.  There was a point when my sister passed me up and I could wear some of the things she couldn't. (Mostly tops, her legs are twice as long as mine.)  We called these items "hand me ups."  My sister is something like five foot ten or eleven.  My brother is six foot, one inch.  She is almost three years younger, he is two years younger.  So we  have always made a big deal of my calling them my "little" sister and "little" brother and they call me their "big" sister.  We have a lot of Christmas photos with me in the middle and them to either side, hanging on my shoulders.  No matter how old we get, this is how it shall be. 
My sister's birthday is tomorrow.  The big five-oh.
Happy Birthday Leetle Seester!


Donna said...

Fun times with your leetle seester. Happy birthday to Jan. And yes, the server was indeed adorable!

Sara Whitmer said...

Love both of you ladies! Glad you had fun!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Birthday Leetle Seester! You got your welcome mat all ready for her. You both looked so happy and that you had such a great time. Does she live far from you? Glad you had fun.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a fun entry! Glad you had some serious quality time w/your sis. I had all brothers, and am SO jealous of gals who have adult relationships with their sisters. Worked in deaf-ed so of course that "sign" was, all the world uses it, and I always wonder if everyone understands what it means. You're making an I, a U and a L, shorthand for I love ya!

KleinsteMotte said...

You are not old yet.My sis is 10 years younger and she's now 55. Soon I'll be 65 but that's not old. No way!! Glad you had fun!! My sis and I will get together soon too and I'll post it.

Privet and Holly said...

So, so sweet!
How adorable are
you two, with that
You want tall?
I was 5 foot seven
in seventh grade!
Always the tallest.
It's funny how the
DNA ends up presenting
itself. I'm over 5'10",
but my girl is only 5'7"
and seems to have stopped
growing. My 12 year old
is alreay 5'9"! Guess I'm
glad the boy got the tall
genes, if only one was
going to get them!
Happy Weekend,
xx Suzanne

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Jan! And that's my kinda day.

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