Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another weekend with a special guest

My guest this weekend was a friend I've known for years.  She was a student at Ball State when I met her.  We were hiring a student assistant and she came in to apply.  She was far more capable than any of the other applicants.  At the time, she had a lip ring, which I wasn't crazy about.  But when it came down to hiring, I told the director "I want the girl with the lip-ring."  The lip ring didn't last, so it was all good.   It would have been wonderful even if the lip-ring had lasted. 

Liz was around when I first met Doug.  He and I had been emailing, but I had never heard his voice.  For our first meeting, he came to take me to lunch.  I kind of freaked out.  I said "what if his voice sounds like Mickey Mouse?"  Liz basically said "shut up and go to lunch with him."  So I did.  We had fun this weekend telling Doug about that.  And Doug actually has a very nice voice and doesn't sound like Mickey Mouse at all. 

In the guest room to welcome Liz- 
 I found the sunflowers at Kroger and then traisped all over the yard shortly before she arrived cutting stuff in the yard to fill out the bouquet. 

When she arrived on Friday I had chess squares prepared (chess cake, chess pie- whatever you call it).  I also had some appetizers prepared.  Then we headed downtown and walked about.  We ended up at Nick's- which is a Bloomington institution.  (Made even more famous when Obama visited.)

On Saturday morning Liz and I went to Farmer's Market and then to have brunch at Runcible Spoon.  We visited the Goodwill Vintage Vogue shop which is the best of the best of Goodwill.  Liz scored a vintage lamp with a green glass globe at the bottom and two glass bottles. 

That evening, Doug, Liz and I attended a party.  A professor from the law school had invited me.  There was a live band on the screened porch of the house.  I took a layered bean dip and Doug made his famous rice krispy treats.  Then Liz and I sat at the kitchen table until midnight and talked. 

This morning we paid a visit to the chicken coop.  Liz had never held a chicken, before.  I think this is a beautiful picture of Liz meeting Ella.
 This is me and Marvella.  Does anyone know what kind of chicken she is?  I do not. 
 Today we had lunch at Upland's. 
We had a wonderful, fun, relaxing all too brief weekend.


lizbeth said...

I am famous! Also, my 'girls' are bigger then the chicken!

MamaMonki said...

I need to make a trip to Bloomington. I had not heard about this Vintage Vogue Goodwill. Sounds fantastic! Are the prices like normal Goodwill or much higher? I've been itching to make it down to Indy and shop my favorite Goodwills. There's some great ones around Greenwood if you ever get up that way.

Holly said...

Nothing better than spending time with an old friend. So glad you had fun. You are both darling!

Joycee said...

Can I come visit too? It all sound like so much fun and you really know how to make company WELCOME! We are so looking forward to having our daughter Amy and her family here this week, I am going in circles trying to get ready...guess I should stay off the computer and I'd have the time to get it all done!!!

Mary ♥ Mur said...

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
1. Why did you create a blog?
2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
3. How long will it keep going?

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You are always the hostess with the mostest dear Whosyergurl. I'm thinkin' it would be great fun to pal around in your neck of the woods, hit the shops and hold those darling hens!

Karen said...

I'm kinda wondering what kind of chicken that is too....

Great to spend time like this with good friends, it rejuvinates the soul.

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