Friday, March 27, 2009

New "do."

I have lived in Bloomington for sixteen months now and have only had my hair done here, once. A colleague, continued to urge me to try the person who does her hair. (And Robyn's hair always looks great!) So, yesterday, I went to have my hair done here in Bloomington. I love the color and have some great high-lights. I also got new glasses, yesterday. So, here are a few cheesy shots that Jennifer snapped of me at lunch time. sitting pretty.
how is my lighting, dahling?

daffodils compliments of our national chair. Apparently, I love them!
The whole time I've lived here, I've been driving to Muncie (from Bloomington, two hours to New Castle, then another 40-45 minutes to Muncie ) to see Glenna to get my hair done. I love Glenna, love the shop- very upscale, every hair dresser in there could be a model for a magazine ad. Beautiful ladies. They walk past and you think "oh! I want to look like her!" Anyway, when I go to Muncie, I usually have lunch plans with friends there, or stay in New Castle with Kathy and go see my parents. There are many reasons to head north. A friend from Muncie emailed yesterday to see when I would be up again and when I told her that I just got my hair done in Muncie she replied
"oh, cheating on Glenna?"
"gulp. guilty."
I'm certain I'll be back to Muncie again to see Glenna (and everyone else in New Castle & Muncie), but in the mean time, it is good to know that I've found someone in Bloomington that I am happy with.


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! Will you take pictures of me when I get my hair done? Please do!

Nicole said...

I thought your hair looked different! Very pretty!

m i c h e l l e said... are ADORABLE! Your gorgeous hair and new glasses make those cheesey pictures look good!!!! :-)

And you know I love those daffodils!!!

Miss Janice said...

Love the new do and you look great...

From My Eye said...

Great pics! Love the new hair!

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