Monday, March 16, 2009

The dynamic duo - back together, again.

I have been blessed in this life time with several best friends. The original best friend is Becky. Her mother was my kindergarten teacher. I was moving between semesters to a new school - the school that her daughter, Becky, attended. Her mother said "why don't you come to my house for lunch and the two of you can get to know one another and then you will have a friend at your new school. So that is what we did and our friendship began playing her her playhouse beneath the basement stairs. That was forty-five years ago.
In the eighth grade, one of us called the other-"I bought a new winter coat, today." "I bought a new winter coat, today, too!" "Mine is brown wool, with a belt, big buttons, a hood, it is midi-length." "That sounds exactly like my coat." We shopped separately, but bought the same coat. When Bec arrived to visit me in Bloomington on Friday, we hadn't seen one another for nearly two years. I said "oh. my. goodness! we have the same purse! -Kohl's?"
My purse is on the left, hers on the right. When we told the story to someone this weekend we were told "you must have been sisters in a former life."
When she arrived on Friday afternoon, we dashed to Nashville. We got there so fast that when duggles called, he didn't believe we were in Nashville. "How did you get there so fast?" "Because Cheryl drives like a bat out of hell." Let's just say I've made the drive between Bloomington and Nashville many, many times.
On Saturday we explored Bloomington and then Saturday evening, duggles took she and I to one of our favorite local restaurants to celebrate Bec's fiftieth.
Not too bad for a couple of old broads, huh? One of us has an awfully ornery look on her face.
Duggles had fun, too.
The card I made for her featuring all of her favorite things.
On Sunday, we took her to Cedar Bluffs, which is one of our favorite hikes. It is five minutes from our house, you climb just a bit and get a spectacular view.
Chelsea, me, Bec. For those of you who haven't seen Chelsea for a while, she is nearly full-grown. She will be one year on June 30.
For a lady who is turning fifty, I think she looks amazing. She looks just like she did in high school.
Look! A Trillium! Spring is coming. The bluffs is an area that is known for spring flowers.

Hey, Bec! Wait for us!
It was a wonderful weekend. It went by too fast. There are still things left on our list to do next time.
Wow. Forty-five years. I'm glad it was with you. Love you!

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