Friday, March 6, 2009

Incarcerated Puprs

DSCN2147 You.  You know who I’m talking about.  And you have no one to blame but yourself.  This is what happens when you chew [two] holes in Daddy’s loveseat and when you get into Mommy’s purse and get the Netflix cd out – that was in the envelope, ready to go back to Netflix – and you chew it beyond recognition. 

Just think about what you’ve done and when you are ready to be a good girl – you can come out of there.  But until then, that is you – incarcerated puprs.


Nicole said...

Oh she looks like she KNOWS she did something wrong.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She DOES know cause corgis are so flippin smart.

Mine hides under my bed so you immediately know she has done something you just have to figure it out.

Poor puppy.....she just needs a little tin car to run across the bars of her jail cell.

Miss Janice said...

She definitely knows...and I have two that need to go in there with her!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wait a this a corgi kid???? I didn't know you had a corgi kid!!!!!
Our flower beds look like yours do, up here in North Manchester.

besswess said...

Bitch! That is what I call Lucy when she does something bad on purpose. I mean, regardless of her behavior....that is what she is! It just makes me feel better to call her that. Those smart dogs are so vindictive!

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