Friday, August 19, 2011

My new digs

I acquired a new position on campus in May.  I already worked for Indiana University but now I work on Indiana Avenue at Indiana University in Indiana.  Are you sensing a theme, here?
This morning, driving to work, I called Doug and said "you know what I love about my job?"
And I told him how I love driving on Fourth Street and scoping out the firemen at the fire station every morning.  I'm not dead, y'know?  All of us gals know that firemen are always cutie-patooties!
Then as I walked into my building...see photo- below.  (I pulled all of these photos for this post off of the web- the photo below looks as if it was taken in winter.) I enter at the end of the building and this hill may not seem steep, but it is.  I love walking so hard and fast that my heart pounds.  Well, I love doing that now.  When I  first started working here and rushing up the hill and my heart would pound...well, scared me.  It scared me to the point of going to the doctor and having my heart checked out.  (My doctor said this is why more men die of heart-attacks than women because we listen to our bodies.)   All is well with my ticker.  Good to know.  It was just letting me know that it was working. 
walking up this hill until my heart pounds
(photo credit

This is my first academic year at the law school.  The students are eager and show up in suits. I arrived at the law school just as the academic year was ending.  Thus far I've noted that both staff and professors are laid back and friendly.  Rather informal.  Not certain if that will change once school begins. 
I love being within walking distance to these gates- the famous Sample Gates.  The center of campus.  This is an area pulsing with action and energy.
famous Sample gates
(photo credit
I love being within walking distance of these gates which are at the end of Kirkwood.  Kirkwood is home to a lot of cool, hip shops and restaurants. 
looking down Kirkwood
(photo credit
 And, I love being within walking distance of our local library.  I dropped my netflix some time ago.  I request books, dvds and cds.  It is rare that I check something out that I haven't requested online.  We have a great system.  I get an email and I go to the shelf where my items sit with printed tickets with my name on them.  Easy peasy. 
Monroe County Public Library
(photo credit
And I love being across the street from Starbucks on Indiana Avenue.
Starbucks on Indiana Avenue
(photo credit:  Janiece)
If you are a regular reader, you are already aware of my affection for Starbucks.  This particular location is purely university.  And I love it.  This may be my favorite Starbucks location, second to the Starbucks on the point on DuPont Circle in D.C.
When you walk into this Starbucks the first thing you smell is coffee.  The second thing you smell is books.  Pages to be exact.  Pages, people, not electronic devices.  You smell books and newspapers.  The smell of coffee and paper is a heavenly aroma in my opinion. 
Speaking of smells- aromas, this is another part of what I love about my job.  This time of year especially- the smell of books and leather briefcases and anticipation.  Anticipation of a new school year, parties, classes, football games.  I have worked in a university setting for nearly twelve years and I love it.  I love the students.  My own children were students at one time.  I was a student at one time.  I have no patience for those who say they hate the students.  Go find a job somewhere else if you hate the students.  The students are the reason we are here. 
You know what they say..."location, location, location."  I've got it!


Holly said...

I'm so homesick! You lucky, lucky girl! Can you do me a huge favor? Possibly the hugest favor ever? Can you mail me an Indiana leaf in the fall? My great Aunt used to mail me a box of leaves every year but she passed away. I just want one leaf. It's my favorite smell. I know, I shouldn't be requesting presents but I'm not ashamed. Please?

farmlady said...

This is such an affirming post about where you live and what you do. This makes me want to live there too...j or at least visit.
Of course the fact that Starbucks is the center of your reality is probably what draws me the most.LOL!
It's a beautiful place and it's so nice to know someone who truly loves what they do for a living.

In the Light of the Moon said...

I can feel the joy in your heart..and I can smell that coffee at starbucks!!Wish I could see the cutie patootie firemen..heehee.Hugs,Cat

Anonymous said...

So, you're in Indiana?


Lovely campus, great job, and SOOO near to Starbucks. Lucky you.

PLEASE send Holly the leaves....she deserves them more than anyone I know!

Chatty Crone said...

What a gift being somewhere you want to be at - having fun - someplace beautiful - good exercise - that you love and being paid!

Donna said...

Know of any openings? It all looks fabulous!

Brian Miller said...

oy i have a huge place in my heart for cool sister lives in evansville...

Ann said...

I love that you love it! As an IU grad your pictures make me miss IU and Bloomington. The campus is so pretty.

I'd love to live in a college town.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hello Cheryl, Looks like someone is enjoying life to the fullest. Never been that way yet . . looks like a nice place to live. Who knows what the future will bring, life's one big journey. Blessings, Sandy:O)

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