Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From field to desk (Wordless Wednesday)


Holly said...

Gorgeous flowers! Were those a gift? So pretty. Isn't it funny that when we post a "Wordless Wednesday" we are asked to explain everything in the pictures?

Whosyergurl said...

Holly, Those are our flowers that we planted. And I cut them and put them on my desk.

Kris said...

Beautiful simplicity! Hey, I missed your previous post! Thank goodness you are A okay!!! I loved what you had to say about the area you work. I loved that description!!!

Privet and Holly said...

Yummy. I am
smitten with
I tell you!!
Thanks for the
smile and Happy
xx Suzanne

MamaMonki said...

zinnias and sunflowers are my favorite. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and your prayers these last few days/ weeks.

Donna said...

I like how you gals think. Zinnias are my absolute favorite flower. They look like happiness. They look like they are having a good day. Or a good summer. Mom and I always planted zinnias from seed right after Mother's Day. They sprouted strong and determined quickly and I loved it when the buds came so I could guess what color they would be. Simple country pleasures. And so very pleasing in the Ball Jar bouquet.
Speaking of which: Like Cheryl, I come from the land of Ball Jars. Not far from Ball State University, my husband and two sons were/are students there. We did floral centerpieces for the boys' high-school open houses using the jars. Fabulous find last week: Gigantic cookie-jar sized Ball Jars as "novelties" with the canning supplies. In Target. $14 ish each. I bought them to dress up my Hoosier Cabinet. They are filled with dog food and treats. I bought a third that will be filled with my homemade granola and gifted to my son's girlfriend (also a Ball State alumn) She can then use the jar for cookies or whatever suits her.
Thanks for celebrating life's daily delights, Cheryl.

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