Friday, August 26, 2011


My friend Kris over at Simplify has been asking for some photos of my chickens.  We have two roosters and the most mature, aggessive one is a little scary.  His name is Hector the Protector and Hector likes to "rush" at me when I go in to the pen.  I am going in to the pen to feed and water them!  It scares me and it makes me angry.  I yell "NO!"
We have a smaller immature rooster named Murl.  My chicken consultant told me that we will get rid of the one that attacks us.  I hope neither one of them actually attacks us.
 Here is my favorite chicken,  Ella Fitzgerald.
 My friend Hope, has chickens that are about one month older than our and it seems to me that she has been getting eggs forever. 
Doug built seven nice nesting boxes for our ten girls and what do they do?  They pulled the straw out of the boxes and made a nest on the ground.
 Here is what Doug found today...our first three eggs.  Little pullet eggs. I suppose it is redundant to say little pullet eggs.  That is like saying little, little eggs.  But, they are.
I didn't try to see who is laying, but I wonder if it is my California White, Jenny, as these eggs are nearly white.  Her comb is full and floppy and her waddle is full and red.  I know these are signs of a chicken that may be laying.
We are happy to finally get some eggs as they have been eating us out of house and home.  It is about time they started to earn their keep! 


Anonymous said...

I admit it.......I know NOTHING about chickens. But it seems to me that alot of people (you included) are raising them lately. Your 'little' eggs are cute. Are you going to eventually get some colored eggs, too?

Ella F. looks like a nice chicken with her pretty coloring. I'm curious why you named her that? Does she have a lovely voice?

Cluck cluck....hope the girls get busy and lay more soon.

Chatty Crone said...

She is right everyone has chickens, but their eggs have to taste better and are healthier for you!

Angela said...

Those are some cute chickens you have there! Such cute tiny little eggs too! Are you going to eat them?

Joan said...

I wish I could get chickens!

I love the names of yours. =)

Kris said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I am so excited for you about the eggs!!!! Your girls look so much more mature than mine do!! Some have full combs and wattles! Mine only have the beginnings of their combs in, and the very beginnings of wattles showing. I put dummy eggs in the nesting boxes today, because I heard that it helps to sort of "show" them where they are meant to be laying them!! I keep thinking any day now. You got your girls right before me, so I should be right behind you on the laying. Have your tried giving your girls plain yogurt yet? They love it!! I know what you mean by eating you out of house and home. Come on already, give something back!! So, you are still unsure what to do about the Roo's? I would love to have a Roo, but I would worry about it bothering my neighbors who are closest to the coop! Are they cockadoodledooing? Thanks so much for the pictures! They all look so happy and healthy!!! I am so excited for you about the eggs! What are you going to fix with them????

Holly said...

How exciting is that!!?? I can't believe that you just go and get some chickens, take care of them and feed them and then you have eggs for life! How awesome is that? Demon roosters? Possibly they are possessed. Not sure what to do about that. Scary.

In the Light of the Moon said...

My sister has chickens and I love it when I visit her so I can just sit and watch them..they crack me up..sometimes they get so feisty.Congrats on the eggs!!Hugs,Cat

KleinsteMotte said...

Wow. The hens finally grew to boost your faith in them. Hope they keep up their work for you cause you sure must have tons too just keeping them safe and happy.

Donna said...

EGGCELLENT!You've been waiting for this day! Congrats to the hens as well. Are you EGGCITED to taste them?
OK, now we all want to see how you fix them, what the dish looks like and if they were worth the wait.
Remember when Martha Stewart first came out with paint? In the commercials she said the colors were inspired by her eggs -- she had creams, whites, blues and greens.
Regarding the meanie, there is a famous story in our family of a rooster chasing my brother around the chicken yard. He got mad and punched it in the face. The rooster was then sporting a black eye!
Been saving our egg cartons for you. And resisting the urge to pick up all of the cute chicken kitsch I see everywhere. Enjoy!

Karen Whittal said...

There is nothing like your own chicken eggs for breakfast the yolks are so yellow almost as though someone had put in food colouring, role on the times when we are all self sufficient again, enjoy

Jayme Goffin said...

Is that not the most 'eggciting' thing eva!? Sorry - couldn't help it. I still feel like it's a treasure hunt when I go get the eggs - and I've had chickens for years. I never tire of it. I just let my girls 'run loose' in the yard now that summer is coming to a close and they can't tear things up too badly - except all the tomatoes than can reach....: -/

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Sweet!!! I love fresh eggs!

I also love the name of your chickens and roosters!

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