Saturday, July 2, 2011


Wanted to show you how the plants in the welcome basket are exploding.  I love plants!  Just add water.  It is that simple.  I fuss over all of them on a daily basis.

Our dear friends, John and Kathy are on their way down to our house as I write.  This is the third weekend for house guests.  We love it that people want to come and visit and we love having them.  As soon as a guest leaves, I wash the bedding and tidy the guest room, preparing for our next guest. 
The house is clean, the deck is ready.  Doug is mowing the yard and I am getting ready to make a peach cobbler and a broccoli quiche.  We went to the grocery last night and bought a ton of food and drinks and I know John and Kathy are bringing food and drinks, also.  No one will go hungry.   We've traveled with John and Kathy and camped with them.  We are all very comfortable with one another.  They have been my friends for almost thirty years (shew!) and when Doug came along, they just welcomed him into our little gang. 
What are you doing this weekend?  Whatever you do I wish you good friends, good times and don't forget- safety first.  Especially if you are on the water.


Kris said...

Good morning Cheryl. Sounds like you all will be having a wonderful time this weekend. Good friends + good food = good times!! We are having a fun filled weekend too. VERY hot here though. Pool time for sure. Enjoy!!

Chatty Crone said...

I am going to try to stay cool - but I am so glad that you have some friends coming - that is so much fun. Happy 4th.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Have a wonderful time!!The best moments are shared with family and friend.Happy 4th. Warmest Regards,Cat

Holly said...

Hoping you have a wonderful time with your friends. Food!!!! Yes!!! Enjoy.

Privet and Holly said...

That busy guest
room is a testament
to what wonderful
hosts you must be : )
Your menu sounded
delicious and I bet
the whole weekend
was, too!!
xx Suzanne

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