Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Club Wed

And Erin and Nick make three.  Doug's eldest was the first to marry- in Hawaii.  Then my daughter married in the district.  Erin and Nick were local.  Right here in the hometown.  We flew around cleaning and getting ready.  Doug hosted the rehearsal dinner.  They married last Saturday at noon, straight up.  It was a little warm.
Here comes the bride!
 I  shot a lot of photos.  I always do. 
For some reason I love this shot...the sky, the angle.
 After the wedding we were all instructed to blow bubbles!
Who said bubbles are the new bird seed?
 Doug wore a long-sleeve oxford.  He was drenched, afterward.
Doug, soaking wet.
 Then we headed indoors for lunch.
Pour Moi?
 We chose between chicken and vegetable lasagna.
I picked the vegetarian lasagna.
 Doug's mother stayed at the farm with us.  When I came out ready to go, Doug's mother and I had on the same celery green. 
Something has been going on as of late.  On Mother's day my sister and mother and I wore the same green. 
Then I visited my grand baby, Natalie, and we wore the same outfit.  I asked my friend what was going on. 
Doug's mama, me, Doug.
Here is what my friend had to say... I thought it was kind of beautiful.
It's called synchronicity ... and it's because all minds (and hearts) are joined ... it is only the non-recognition of this that continues to cause confusion and alarm. But I don't think you really have a problem with accepting the rhythm of Life, my dear ♥

The maid of honor and best man (son number two) made the toast.

Son two making the toast.
 Son number two and son number three that were married and the new bride lived together for three years.  Son number two was telling everyone how he knew this relationship and then he fumbled and said "now that he (the groom) has his life on track."  Everyone laughed.  His life does seem to be on track and we are all glad. 

There was a d.j. and the did the chicken dance and the hokey pokey and all of the traditional wedding reception dances.
"You do the hokey pokey"
 Here is the fam...Doug's sister was there, too...but she works nights and had to slip away to sleep.
Doug's fam

Doug, me.
 The rest of the fam stayed in a hotel.  After the reception we went swimming and had a great time.  Then we all went out for Chinese food.  Then Doug's mother and I sat up until midnight and talked.  We were having seventeen for breakfast.  Seventeen. 
I do this thing...where I wake up and I can't sleep and I get up and "prowl."  I lay in bed and think and I have to get up.  I have to get up and do the stuff that thrusts me out of bed.  So I got up and plumped pillows and peeked into the fridge to see if we have enough food to feed seventeen people.  Eventually, I throw the towel in and go back to sleep. 
At nine a.m., seventeen proceed to show up.  Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews.  Sister-in-laws.  Sons and daughter-in-laws.
Breakfast crew

more breakfast crew
Sisters who work nights.
Daughter-in-laws from Phoenix who have trouble adjusting to Eastern time.
It was a really wonderful weekend.  More members of Club Wed.


Kris said...

Looks like it all turned out just perfect! And there are those dishes again! That is a big group for breakfast!!!! How did Doug get so wet?

ain't for city gals said...

It's fun when it all comes together! I like doing breakfast...much easier than dinner for me...

Karen said...

Congrats to all!! Glad it went well.

In the Light of the Moon said...

What a wonderful weekend!!And you have captured these special moments!!Thanks for sharing them and Congrats to the happy couple!!Hugs,Cat

Holly said...

How fun and what a great hostess you are! Where in Phoneix does the DIL live?

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What fun! I LOVE the synchronicity!!! You all looked beautiful. Glad you didn't completely melt away...

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, Family is always fun but I bet you must be so tired . . that was alot of activity in a very short time. Good memories. Lots of happy, Sandy:O)

KleinsteMotte said...

Now that must have been a real memory making event for all! Nice how it all went together for everyone.

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