Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is where I didn't work this weekend:   
Actually, even when I do work there, it doesn't feel like work.  It is wonderful to be there hanging out with Cindy and Wayne- assisting customers in finding items to help them with their artistic endeavors.  Cindy gave me the weekend off.  In the past five weeks I worked a weekend at Papertrix, then the next three weekends I had guests, then I worked another weekend.  So this weekend was nothing.  I took some items to donate to Goodwill and then to My Sister's Closet. 
Then in the evening, Doug and I went back to The View.  (For the third time in three weeks.)  It is so relaxing to sit like this:
 To look at this view: 
The blue hills of southern Indiana along the shore of Monroe reservoir.
I took this pic of Doug's cat, Tree, being lazy this morning.
Lazy kittrs
Next weekend, Doug's youngest son is getting married.  The rehearsal and dinner will be on Friday and the wedding will be on Saturday.  We will have Doug's family in.  His mother is staying here with us and I imagine others of the family will be here as well.  We will clean the house later in the week. 
Then the next two weekends I will be with my grand baby. 
Then maybe I will be back at Papertrix.  A couple of my friends were going to visit this past weekend.  I hope they did even though I wasn't at the shop.  Fall will be here soon and then I will be at the shop a lot.  I love it. 
This weekend- some laundry, a bit of cleaning, reading and relaxing.  A lot of nothing. 


Jayme said...

I hope you are staying cool! Your weekend sounds wonderful!

ain't for city gals said...

Sounds good to me..I stayed home this weekend too...but catching up on housework, cooking and stuff! Makes me wonder how I ever did it when I worked full time...

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Bet you are relaxed.
Papertrix looks like a sweet English cottage. Inside, it is a wonderment of ideas, color and texture for the eyes and for the creative spirit.

Kris said...

Lots of great stuff for you!!! What type of business is that where you work? Loved the shot of the relaxing feet!!

Joycee said...

Good for you standing up for window air... it is SUPERIOR to central ac!!! Mom's window units can freeze you tidbits off and my central air blows all day long with these hot temps and stays on 77. Nobody gets cold anymore unless they are A. In a car ~or B. In a room with window ac!! You go girl!

Karen said...

I love that cat!!.. and wow, what a view. Great place to have coffee in the morning.

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