Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morel dilemma

Morel mushroom
Do morel mushrooms grow where you live?  If so, how do you know where to look for them?  I have always heard to look where there is an elm tree.  Or a dead elm tree.  Or look for May apples or Trilliums.  This year, I heard a new one and I'll be darned if it wasn't true.  Look under fruit trees.  We have an apple tree and we have two pear trees that tower over the house.  Doug was mowing the yard and found the first batch.  Then, this mushroom, was growing beneath the apple tree on Easter Sunday and was visible from the house.  I went out and picked him and a few others.  Then I went out into the woods and found more.  

my hand is small, but these are BIG mushrooms!
Doug prepared the first batch and cooked them in butter.  He dipped them in egg and milk and and some flour.  I prepared the second batch and this time I won the throw-down.  He even admitted it.  With his, the egg was too heavy and overpowered the wild mushroom taste.  With mine, I cooked in olive oil and just a light egg and milk and flour.  Much better.  How do you prepare yours? 
We are having a bumper crop this year in southern Indiana.  I've heard it is some of the best mushrooming in ten to twelve years.  I've heard stories of people finding thousands.  We have found a dozen or so between us.  I've really been hunting and Doug has stumbled upon the ones he found.  I've heard that you can find them this year even if you aren't looking. 
Today was my last day at my current job.  We are off to see the baby in Maryland tomorrow morning and then on to PA to Doug's nephew's wedding then home on Sunday evening.  Then I will start my new job on Monday.  We have had the chicks since last Saturday and so far, they have all made it.  Everyone seems healthy with the exception of one which I've named "Trouble."  She has a poopy butt and I am bathing her butt morning and night.  I'm thankful only one of the dozen is giving me any trouble.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, Those are some wild looking mushrooms. Have a safe trip and lots of fun too. New jobs are always exciting, it's a fresh start. I'm glad to hear all your "chickies" have survived. Blessings, Sandy:O)

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - don't know if mentally I could eat those mushrooms!
Have a fun trip visiting the baby and at the wedding.
And good luck at your new job.

Jen Kershner said...

I didn't know that's what those are! I think I may have tossed some last week but I would never trust myself to pick a wild mushroom. I'd rather buy them in the market.

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