Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My daughter's room

My daughter doesn't live at home, but there is a room in our house that we refer to as her room. 
My daughter lives on the east coast.  I live "somewhere in the middle" in Indiana.  From the very beginning, it was very important to me that we have a lovely guest room for my daughter when she comes to visit.  The guest room was Doug's son's room before I moved in.  It was white and stark and had old, yucky carpet in it.  Doug pulled up the carpet and revealed lovely pine flooring beneath.  He stripped it and put on four coats of polyurethane.  The paint in my bedroom, in the house I lived in two hours north, was called pine needle and was a soothing, dark pine.  Doug liked it a lot and so it was his choice that we use something very similar for the guest room.  The guest room is nice but still needs a few finishing touches.  I love having a guest room, ready and waiting and very often am inviting people to come and stay with us.  We have housed a lot of family and most of my friends from up north in the guest room. 
When I first moved here, after so many years of living alone, Doug's "quiet" was often too loud for me at night and I would retreat to the guest room.  On nights I am tossing and turning, I will go there to sleep so as not to bother Doug. I always know when I'm keeping him awake when he says "are you having trouble sleeping?"  The guest room is one of my favorite places for a Sunday afternoon nap.
 Items to the left once hung in my Grandma's house.
The child's rocker was mine and it will go to my first grand-child.
 The old bentwood rocker was what I rocked and nursed my babies in. 
 My daughter cut her teeth on this chair. 
 Note:  Milo in the window.
 Vanity drawer holds extra toothbrushes, soaps, lotions.
  I like to have treats for my guests and fun magazines to read.
Note:  "door-doggie" to the right. 
 I've had him as long as I can remember and that is what we called him.
Here on the farm our guests sleep well.  Crickets and cicadas sing a lullaby.  (My daughter said they don't hear bugs on the east coast, just cars.)  How sad.  Here, you might hear an owl or a coyote or the trill of a bird or frog.
Doug is the king of short-order breakfasts from "kitchen sink" omelets (with everything), pancakes or french toast.  You name it and he will whip it up in no time flat.  Or, if you prefer to eat breakfast out, we'll head into town and take in one of many of the wonderful local spots to get delicious breakfast fare.
This room has not only been my daughter's, but Kathy's, Lori's, Ivy's, Becky's, Donna's, Michele's (and Skye), we offered it to Laura and Isabelle, but they chose to sleep on the pull-out in front of the fire in the keeping room, on a cold New Year's eve.  I'm certain there have been others, that I'm not remembering right this moment.  Now that you've seen our guest room and heard all about it, I'm certain you want to join the list of those who have been our guests.  Just give me a head's up, o.k.?  The guest room is always clean, ready and waiting.  I can't always say that about the rest of the house.
**I tried to post on Monday evening (it had been a week since my last post) but Blogger gave me such a fit, I couldn't even upload my photos.  Usually, I am a late night person.  In the summer, I garden, walk, workout, I've been doing boot camp.  It has been busy.  But, I still want to post and stay in touch.  I've been so frustrated with Blogger.  I want to stay here on this site, but how long will this continue?


rachel awes said...

pretty spaces!
& oh my, your words "you have to turn it over somewhere" w/your comment...took my breath away!

Chatty Crone said...

It is a pretty room - a guest room - a room for friends.


ClassyChassy said...

It's nice to have one place that stays clean and ready for company, isnt it!!! We use our entire house, even the guest area, for the most part.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a delightful and charming room. It just calls out to you!
That color is wonderful and would great in our room too. Do you remember the brand name? A restful, warm, antiquey haven for company or not!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

i so wanna come stay! Milo can sleep with me.

I love that room!

Anonymous said...

I love that room. It is a little hideaway.
Really? You are going to rub it in everyone's face how amazing Doug's breakfast is? Give it a rest! Love you!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I'm sitting here LISTENING to the bugs and reading this!

I am in totaly L O V E with this room!

Karin said...

Your guest room is so lovely and calming. I love the color and wooden floor. I have the same lamp on the vanity (QVC). I can see this is one of Milo's favorite spots too:)

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