Monday, July 19, 2010

Gym rat

I am, once again, becoming a gym rat.  For most of my life, I've been an obsessive person.  Either I'm in the zone and exercising, or not. I'm in the zone right now. 
I remember when my children were young how they learned that when mommy was grouchy, she needed to go work out.  One night I came through the door after working out and my daughter said "do you want to go back to the Y, mommy?"
I started boot camp last Sunday.  Eight week program, weigh-in every other week.  On weigh-in day, we get a "cheat day."  On the off week that we don't weigh in, we get a "cheat meal."  This past weekend, we didn't get either. 
I'm eating my weight in vegetables. 
This is where I'm going.  I've never done a program that is as effective.  The class are tough.  Everyone works hard.  Adam is strict but affirmative.  We are his children.  He walks around saying "nice" and "good job."  I swear I work harder just hoping he will give me a little tid-bit of praise.  He has this big deep voice.  Like a drill sergeant he will say "all right, listen up." 
We have fun sayings like "chatter makes you fatter." Which means, if you are talking in class, you aren't working out hard enough. I have never worked out so hard, ever.  I am shocked that at my age, my body is responding.  I was in a class yesterday where we had partners and worked around stations in the room.  My partner told me that I was going to be stronger than I've ever been, before.
I wrote here about my first class experience with Next Generation.  That class was called "burn fusion."  One of my friends later told me that she thought I was talking about an art class.  I've been sore, the diet is strict, it isn't "fun," but it is amazing. 
My dad is a type 2 diabetic, age 70 and is in great shape.  I guess it has always been a fear of mine that one day I too would be a diabetic.  I know I was dealing with  a serious sugar addiction.  About 3.5 months ago, I went to the Dr. and weighed more than I have ever weighed.  I started doing self-imposed "no sugar, no flour," the very next day.  Now this.
O.k., enough about me, I'm off to the gym.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - good for you. I wondered where you were lately. Good luck and feel the burn....


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am totally impressed and in awe!!

You go girl!!

besswess said...

I am so proud of you. Please don't shrink away before I get back from vacation. :)

Cheryl said...

Kudos to you for being proactive.

Miss Janice said...

You go girl! I go to the gym, but really need to rev up my workout. I do treadmill and then choose easy stuff for the weights!

Lisa said...

Crap. Now I feel like I need to go do this. There's even that correspondence version for "stay at home moms"....*sigh* No more excuses, I guess. :)

(Thank you...)

stephanie said...

Loving reading your older posts, especially this one at the beginning of bootcamp. Just cannot believe that the way we met was not at one of Adam's classes, but through linking from blogs!

Adam is a hoot, isn't he? I always tell him that on weigh-ins when he knows I've been a big cheater that he squeezes me extra harder with that plastic body fat pincher than he does on weeks when I have been good!

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