Monday, December 7, 2009

Mouse Hunt

One of the funniest movies that I've ever seen was "Mouse Hunt," with Nathan Lane. It was about a mouse that destroyed a house and the efforts of two men, attempting to catch the mouse. While our mouse isn't destroying our house, he is causing a certain amount of consternation. I've seen "evidence" that proves that the mouse has been in the living room - but most of the time, he has been in the kitchen.
The other night, Doug left a sleeve of Ritz crackers on the counter. Milo was sitting on the counter watching something on the stove top. I told Doug that the mouse was on the stove top. I went into the kitchen, and sure enough, there was a Ritz cracker, nibbled all the way around, which the mouse was attempting to pull through the hole under the burner.
This morning, I'm home sick, and I could tell that Milo sensed the mouse was nearby. I opened the lazy-susan cabinet and spun it around saying "where is it, Milo? where is the mouse?" Suddenly, the mouse hopped over the top of some boxes of tea and I screamed.
At lunch time, Doug brought a trap home and baited it with peanut butter.
While I do not expect my cat, Milo, the city dweller with no front claws to catch this mouse, I do expect Tree, Doug's bunny-killing cat, to be able to catch said mouse. When Tree is inside, he feels his job is to hold down the cushions on the sofa.

In the meantime, I wait for the snap of the trap, hoping this mouse doesn't destroy our house.

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