Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Market

On Saturday, Doug and I went to the Holiday Market. Santa's reindeer were being cared for while he made an appearance. Not certain if this is Dancer or Prancer.
Santa and elf greet a young toddler. I bought a necklace from this woman. It is a fiery orange/red with the word create written on it. Perfect for me as I am experiencing this new found love for art. I also found a pair of hammered sterling earrings that I wanted and I had them in my hand and turned to Doug and said "would you like to get these for me for Christmas?" There was a woman standing to the side of both of us and she laughed and looked up at Doug and said "yes. the answer is yes, you want to get those for her for Christmas." Doug shook his head and took the earrings, telling me to keep walking and that he "might" get them for me.
Leaving the market, I followed this horse and buggy and shot this photo through my windshield.
Let the holiday season begin!

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Cheryl, what a fun day that must have been! Was this in BLoomington? You're in just the right area for being inspired by crafts and art.
Enjoy this month to the max.
Let your creativity flow!!

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