Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On the 8th of October, we were nearly to Idaho. There was some beautiful scenery along the way. I kept wondering how they did it, how they traveled across this barren, rocky land in wagons pulled by oxen. Very difficult for me to imagine. The ground is extremely hard and there are rocks everywhere.

I call this photo "Past meets present." Beautiful!
We drove further than we needed to, but soon enough turned back
and found Tim and Diane's farm.
The pigs on the farm get a variety of treats including apples (of course), bread and whatever leftovers there might be. Also a bit of regular ground "pig food." I am not a pig owner - so all of this was very interesting and a bit foreign to me. None of the pigs are named, as they are food for the table.
Farm art.
I loved the chickens. There was a great number of them running about. I thought they were beautiful. I only brought home one feather and wished upon my return that I might have brought more. I'm not certain what I would do with them - but they are so pretty.
I don't remember the donkey's names, but they were always standing very near to one another. The oldest one is nearing his fiftieth birthday. I believe that is what Tim said. Nonetheless, I know that they are both old. How old in "donkey years?"
This is now Diane's facebook profile pic.

We went out the pacific northwest to pick apples and we did. Doug and I both loved the family apple boxes and Doug wanted to dismantle one and bring it home on the plane.
They have been at this for quite some time. They do not spray. Tim uses some sort of pheromone coated wires that he twists on the branches to confuse the male moths so they don't mate with the females and lay eggs (I think that is how the story goes). It was amazing to me how many apples could be on one little tree.
It was an apple-wonderland. We picked and ate all that we wanted. We had apple sauce and apples with french toast and apple syrup. After about three days of this, our tummies were on apple-overload.
And here is the happy apple-picker. It was perfect fall-like weather. Something akin to leaf-raking weather. Crisp and cold enough for your cheeks and hands to get cold. Cold enough that going into the house for a snack and something warm to drink and a warm mug to wrap your hands around felt delicious.
I will give a prize to the first person who can tell me exactly how many chins I'm sporting in the above photo.
The fragrance was intoxicating.
The view from in front of the house.
And Doug's brother, Tim, let him drive his tractor.
It just doesn't get any better than that!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have finally posted something! The donkies were adorable.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

My gosh, great pics, and such wonderful experiences!!
Memories of a lifetime, I see a great scrap page in your near future!

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