Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Climbing Grandmother Mountain

On Saturday, October 10, we were nearing the end of our trip. On Sunday we departed Idaho to drive back to Portland to catch our flight out. We traveled all night (you don't want to hear about that) and arrived in Indianapolis on Monday, the 12th. And I have been playing catch-up ever since.
But first, I'll tell you about climbing Grandmother Mountain. It was two hours from Doug's brother's house, so we were gone for most of the day. The temperature was quite brisk. I believe it was around twenty-four when we started out. Doug loves to wear long-johns and as he didn't have any with him, he pulled the next best thing out of his pack and put them on over his hiking pants. We all had a good laugh.
Doug with bear themed pajama pants.
It is always good to have your photo taken with a trail sign.
We hadn't hiked for long when we were rewarded with some gorgeous views.
I like photos on mountains that scare the be-jesus out of my mother.
This is where we had lunch. It was lovely, but very cold and windy. We had bread, salami, cheese and of course, apples!
Currently my facebook profile pic.
A lot of great hiking trails. Unfortunately, a lot of hunters, too.
Doug and his brother on the summit.
Doug's brother prefers to dress as if he is a french gentleman hiking in Europe.
Us, on the summit.
Trail view.
It was a long, cold, sunny, blustery day. It was beautiful.
And so very nice to return to the farm for a roaring fire in the huge fireplace and some wonderful warm dinner.
A perfect way to end our visit to the apple farm.

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Gator World!! said...

I love all of your pics. I like to hike, although we do not have many mountains in my part of Texas.

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